FIA Personality of the Year Award 2013

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    Alongside their new ‘Moment of the Year Award’, the FIA have also introduced a sports personality of the year award. Here are the nominees:

    Jost Capito (Head of Volkswagen Motorsport)
    Eduardo Freitas (FIA World Endurance Championship, Race Director)
    Monisha Kaltenborn
    Tom Kristensen
    Robert Kubica
    Sébastien Loeb
    Yvan Muller
    Adrian Newey
    Sébastien Ogier
    Sebastian Vettel

    Apart from the fact that three of the nominees are called ‘Seb’, it’s striking that for drivers, a criteria for having a good personality is that either they won a championship this year, or they have won nine championships in a row – which is something that really irks me.

    Anyway, who do you think should win this award?


    Of that list, I’d choose Monisha Kaltenborn. The first female team principal in a male-dominated sport who has been very warm towards the fans and the media ever since she took over from Peter Sauber.

    That said, what an awful shortlist. Where’s Webber? Grosjean? Kobayashi? Coronel?

    I think the fact that the shortlist was selected by nominations from motorsport journalists says more about them than it does the FIA.


    @magnificent-geoffrey The journalists nominated 80 people, but I believe the FIA selected the 10 nominees. So I would assume the Webbers and Grosjeans of this world were in those 70 names they removed from the list.

    And yes, I would pick Monisha Kaltenborn too.


    Are you sure? Going from that link:

    “Out of over 80 names put forward, the following ten names have been listed the most:”


    @magnificent-geoffrey But in that case, it’s even more curious. How is it possible that the drivers with the best personalities are also the drivers that won championships this year!?


    Goes to Eduardo Freitas. Such a difficult and long job, didn’t make mistakes this year (if I remember correctly) :)

    Could go to H Haynes to :)

    Lucas Wilson

    Adrian Newey, just amazing, no one will ever touch him.


    I’d say either Kubica or Kaltenborn, with Loeb not far behind. The two drivers have shown great dedication and the team principal has done an outstanding job to keep the team going and turn it in the right direction over the season.


    It isn’t really about the personality of the year, it’s the favourite/most successful driver. The BBC have a famous competition among British sports stars every year. In 2009 Button was tipped to win, and probably deserved it over Ryan Giggs, who seemed to have earned it more because people liked him and for lifetime achievement than 2009 in particular- it was only after that when his affairs hit the news and people realised that maybe he wasn’t as nice a guy as everybody thought. Typically though it is won by the person who had the largest success or a win of particular relevance which captured the nation- Wiggins in 2012 mostly for Britain’s first Tour de France (and partly his Olympics medal), Hoy in 2008 (beating Hamilton), probably Murray this year.


    Pretty sure that “personality” isn’t quite being interpreted right by some here. It can also be used to just mean “person”, as in “sports personality”.


    @Nicholas_Sunderland Was confused by this too, but you could be right. Makes more sense if it was written FIA Sports person of the Year Award 2013, albeit a bit of a mouthful to say.


    This is outrage! Why isn’t Pastor Maldonado on that list?

    In all seriousness, it has to be Adrian Newey, the silent king of f1 since 2010.

    Would be really glad it Kubica or Katelborn win it as well


    The idea of Kubica winning a personality award is a bit of a joke in itself. He’s got a really strong character but he’s not exactly a Seb Vettel.

    I’d go for Monisha out of that list. Seb’s antics at Malaysia stop me wanting him to get it, he stills comes off as a bit of a brat at times. To be honest though I think Webber should get it especially as it is his last season in F1. Fernando should be nominated for his tweets alone.

    Steve Heyman

    Kimi :-)


    As soon as I read the title, I thought Grosjean, so it’s a bit annoying that success seems to be a big factor in who gets nominated, but I guess I’ll follow in saying Monisha Kaltenborn. She seems a very nice person, enthusiastic and knowledgeable as well.

    After writing that, Claire Williams also came to mind as well.

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