Fire tender overturns at Brands Hatch


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    Keith Collantine

    A truck overturned during a race at Brands Hatch today. That in itself is not too unusual – only one of the fire tenders on the scene did the same!

    Happily the crew were unhurt. Must’ve taken a while to clean all that foam up, though.


    Best thing about that video is the non-chalant PA announcer.

    “…So the grid is, err, starting to stake shape once more – oh wait, the recovery vehicle’s rolled over.”


    Sorry, but I couldn’t help but find that rather amusing.


    I guess you could find the foam going everywhere quite amusing, but I was sick to my stomach when I saw that because they don’t have rollcages or helmets or anything really. Cause was diesel spilt at the top of paddock hill bend from one of the trucks (not the one that rolled). Took about 10-20 minutes to get the foam cleared up, about 45 in total to fix the tyres that were damaged from the rolled truck.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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