How many here drink Red Bull?

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    I hate energy drinks. I occasionally drunk them at uni when faced with a night of work, but as they tasted universally terrible to me I just bought the cheapest brand- and that definitely wasn’t Red Bull. So other than that and sometimes in Jager, nope.

    Lucas Wilson

    Never touched it, never will.


    I don’t drink energy drinks, Coffee is much better :-)


    I liked the RedBull Cola you used to get in the UK back in 2009.

    When I go to clubs I sometimes drink Jaeger Bombs.

    I only have normal cans RedBull when I’m studying until late in the run-up to exams.


    I actually bought a Red Bull for the heck of it . To say the least , it tasted as bitter as a Sebastian Vettel victory ;-) .
    Joking aside , I did not like it enough to go buy another time . I found it very ‘cough-syrup-ish’

    Force Maikel

    I drink it form time to time but I prefer the local brand: Golden Power. Red Bull is nearly 3 euros per can while golden power is only 99 cents, so that’s a no brainer really. They taste almost the same and the effect are quite equal.

    Actually most of you probably don’t know it but the contents of a can of RB are diffrent in almost every country. Despite EU law forcing companies to make the drinks unified in the entire EU zone, most countries have diffrent laws concerning aspartame (the smoke that is coming from your drink when you open the can). This substance can affect the taste making it either more bitter or less.

    But in the end I prefer a nice glass of Ice Tea anyday.


    Only ever had it with vodka, and that was along time ago. Had it neat once, and then never again. Why would you? it’s awful.


    @force-maikel Then we have a bigger question on our hands:
    “What kind of Ice Tea?”


    Went through a short phase in the first year of my undergraduate degree of drinking Red Bull so I could get my work done on time by pulling an all nighter. Glad to say that only lasted 2 or 3 weeks and those days are long gone now! I no longer drink Jagermeister either so no it’s been a long time since I had Red Bull.

    Force Maikel

    @infinitygc Ice Tea Peach or just the standard version ;-)


    @force-maikel So, Lipton?

    Fer no.65

    I bought it once. I really didn’t like it. “Speed” (another energy drink) is also popular over here (often mixed with alcoholic beverages), and it’s a bit softer (without the alcohol of course !) but still not that nice.

    I rather have a kazillion cups of coffee is 1 doesn’t help. Red Bull is also VERY expensive…


    I actually kind of like the peculiar flavor of the standard Red Bull. It’s slightly nostalgic as I first had it with some friends when I lived in Germany in 1994 as a kid and it does always take me back there. I haven’t had one in ages though. I really liked the cola, but I haven’t seen it here in the US. In several years now. The Red, Blue, and Silver Editions are all much more tasty than the original, and go well with a bit of vodka and a squeeze of lime. ;-)


    So who drinks that stuff? ;-)


    I do my part helping Lotus, i drink burn.

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