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    I can no longer post comments with my other acc since about 20h, anyone knows what’s going on? No badwords or stuff on my comments if that’s what you’re wondering.


    @esploratore1 Can you drop me a line about this via the contact form please. It would be helpful if you try posting a comment, and if it does not appear, letting me know what the comment was and where and when you posted it.

    Contact RaceFans


    Hi, thanks for the answer.

    I mistakenly replied by mail earlier, before I noticed it was simply a notification, however this problem on my other account is not about a specific place, it’s a problem affecting every single article and every single comment, and I gave it a look and it’s still happening, so probably something serious happened to my other account.

    For the sake of information, the problem originally appeared on this page and I was trying to post a comment very similar to the one I eventually posted on this account, something along the lines of this “This is not a 1-off mistake though, and if hamilton wins the title by 40 points or less it’s already attributable to luck, this looks like a reversed 2016, where hamilton lost so many points due to bad luck and…”, but like I said the problem occurs on all pages and all comments on that other account.

    This new one is however fine and considering I didn’t have any valuable stuff on other account, it seems unnecessary to investigate this matter further, guessing I’ll just continue using this instead.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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