Kazuki Nakajima wins Formula Nippon season-opener

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    F1 refugee Kazuki Nakajaima got off to a winning start in the new Formula Nippon season at Suzuka last weekend:

    Joel Holland

    Love the unnecessarily long wave the presenter does at the end.

    Cars are mega too, look very fast!


    I love the Petronas livery on the TOMs. Nice win for Nakajima, I’m happy for him. I also liked that wave at the end.


    I do like the look of those cars. It’s a shame that the Swift IndyCar design was rejected.

    I saw that they want Nippon to become the second fastest single seater series in the world, after F1. It would be some feet, but I struggle to see where Nippon fits into the single seating ladder. It used to be Japanese F3000, but it wants to go faster. No drivers of note have come over to Europe in recent years. Maybe Japan is just in a motorsport bubble.


    How is there no live English language coverage of Formula Nippon? I’ve never understood that. It’s insane.


    I love Japanese commentary. Glad Kazuki’s doing well, he wasn’t such a bad driver.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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