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    I’d like to start this thread that thank @keithcollantine for all the work he puts into the site so we can enjoy it…

    If you think Keith is doing a great job, give him a +1 to show your appreciation.


    + 1

    I am sure that more than +1, Keith appreciates the daily visits and contributions to this great site (and community).



    I’ve been coming to this site practically every day for 6 or 7 years now, and in that time it’s gone from strength to strength.

    Keith’s genuine passion for motorsport and sensible, pragmatic views that mirror my own and that of many true fans have made F1 Fanatic my first port of call for F1 news and views, above any of the ‘official’ sites.

    The quality of the journalism and discussion here both in articles and in the comments and on the forum are second to none. It is and will continue to be a pleasure folks. Thankyou.


    Thumbs up Keith. We appreciate all your hard work for our benefit.





    Haha, thanks very much guys, appreciate it! Better not +1 myself, though :-)



    I rarely agree with Keith’s opinions (for example the driver of the week polls and rankings), but the fact that he has created the best F1 blog in the world cannot be denied. As a website owner myself, F1Fanatic is a big inspiration. Keep up the good work, Keith! You’ve made a fantastic site.

    Vince Fitter



    Agreed, @keithcollantine does a great job in looking after us here, especially making sure everyone stays respectful and weeding out the trolls!




    Love this site, great insight into F1 and always reliable with his news.


    +1 We <3 Keith! :)

    The race weekends on F1 Fanatic are great but I especially love to spend the time between the races and the off-season here as then you can take a step back and analyse the sport without rush.


    +1, obviously. (Fo’ sure, haha. :))

    I likewise wish to highlight Keith’s always measured, solid and sensible views. I like to think these words always fit my thinking as well, but it is not so. They do a lot of times, I think, and I can see where we are along the same lines (also with a lot of respected people in the paddock), but then time and again I lose some of that common sense and Keith’s points are often there to pull me back on the ground. I’m thankful for it.

    As well as for the site, of course, it’s growing richer with content almost week in week out and it’s great to see (also considering how it began; well, not even how it began but how it was around 2009-2010 – I recall my first regular visits from around that time according to a few old print screens).

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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