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    Well its been a big summer of sport this year and probably the biggest event is about to start, the olympics. Its a big deal for England with nearly every country watching and expecting a brilliant show to be put on. Its probably my favourite global event with so many sports to choose from.

    Will you be watching this years olympics? Or do you think its just a load of rubbish :) Which countries are you supporting? and do you have hopes for any particular athletes? Which sports are you most looking forward to?

    I would like to see Mo Farah do well, as I’ve been a fan of him for quite a while. Im looking forward to the track events, like running, cycling etc. I also cant wait for boxing as its quite hard to see any boxing matches nowadays because its not free to air.
    I dont expect much replies to this thread but still, its a huge event for England and the world and its something i’m really looking forward to.


    I say bring it on. I’m going to be watching the Olympics instead of the Hungarian GP this weekend.


    I’ll probably just watch it whenever I’m bored. I’m not that interested in the Summer Olympics as most of the events are boring to watch. The Winter Olympics is a 100 times better because most of the events are exciting, and there’s snow. If I had to support anyone, I’d support Jamaica as it’s in my blood. For some reason, I’m more proud of being 1/4 Jamaican than I am being 3/4 British.


    The Olympics haven’t even started properly, and there’s already been a major blunder. The North Korean women’s football team had the South Korean anthem played, and on the big screens they showed the South Korean flag alongside the pictures of the North Korean players. Talk about ignorance.




    @slr Well as I’m both British and Australian, I have two countries to cheer for these Olympics too. I think I’ll be greedy and support both! :P


    I agree on Winter Olympics being more exciting, especially the ice hockey part of them. I remember myself sitting on the edge of my seat watching semi-finals of the 2006 Turin games, some of those matches were so damn thrilling (to me anyway)

    Would be interesting to see F1 become part of the Olympics :)

    Prisoner Monkeys

    The Games haven’t even started yet – except for the preliminary football matches – and I’m already Olympics-ed out. They’re getting a lot of hype down here, particularly since expert opinion believes Australia is not going to be very competitive, so the media is trying to whip up a frenzy getting people excited for the Games. The official broadcaster is bombarding us with ‘patriotic’ ad campaigns, including a wildly over-produced and self-congratulatory version of Waltzing Matilda that actually makes me embarrassed to hear.

    Still, I’ve heard some interesting rumours about what Danny Boyle has in store for the opening ceremony, particularly at the very start.

    Fer no.65

    I like big sporting events. It’s always special. The World Cup, for me, it’s the best thing that happens every 4 years by a long way, but the Olympics are not that cool.

    I’ll be watching whenever I’m bored and I happen to be near the telly. But I don’t follow it day by day like I do with the World Cup or during tennis Grand Slams. I guess, it’s because it’s quite hard to feel the “passion” about athletics and all that stuff… only basket and tennis really brings my attention during the Olympics.


    I watch tennis but I’m just not interested in the Olympic tennis, I just don’t care about it or the event as a whole. It’s not the ‘greatest event on earth’ for me, I can’t understand the enjoyment in watching someone jump over a sand pit. It would also seem the organisers have made mistakes with the running of the event, notably involving South North Korea.


    I love the Olympics, especially the summer Olympics (winter is alright, but is just missing something). Its the most basic form of competition, but that’s what makes it so special. Who can run or swim faster? Or jump farther? Or throw something farther? No special electronics, just pure human will to outperform another. That’s why I really enjoy watching boxing too. One person trying to beat another person with nothing but their own ability and will to win.

    Naturally, I love almost all sports, racing being my favorite, but the Olympics are just a great event where the best athletes in the world can compete and show who is just superior.

    Fer no.65

    @robk23 LOL, I like the jumping sports! But I guess it’s because it reminds me of myself practising that at school! :P

    BTW, what do british people think of the Olympics logo? isn’t it the most hideous thing ever created or can anyone think of a worse logo?


    @fer-no65 Most British people thought it sucked and everyone said to themselves “I could do better”. Considering that it cost £400,000 to make, I think the logo looks pathetic.

    Fer no.65

    @slr Great gosh, £400,000?! the company that designed that really sucked people’s money…

    Younger Hamii

    Feel more enthusiastic & intrigued about the Olympics than I’ve ever been, especially when I live 10 mins away from the Olympic Stadium & Park itself, that being said I’ll most certainly keep my eyes pinned on the telly & media, Cycling & Athletics in particular for me as I feel in those sports we’re very strong (Rowing too I believe). I just feel so enviable & elated about everything regarding the Games, some fellow residents have been complaining about traffic but my perspective is that we need to look at the bigger picture & literally look at what we’ve got in front of your eyes, it’s the Olympics, what do we expect? Traffic-free services, a bit inconceivable considering our country’s government. Be fortunate & grateful!

    As for Motorsport in general, I think it being integrated into the Olympics is possible & plausible, maybe adopting something likened to the Race of Champions. Finding drivers from other racing categories (not F1 because the Olympics normally takes place during their summer break) is a feeble area but that can be fixed I believe. This is just a reasonable idea.

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