London Olympics 2012

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    I think Australia have done a brilliant job and it’s a shame that the media over here think we’re somehow entitled to win gold in all the swimming events. I do agree with PM that James Magnussen needs to do a bit of growing up (he was basically ahead when they touched the wall, but he didn’t have his arm stretched out quick enough or in the right way to win) because even if he is disappointed, he really didn’t come across well. I’m sure he’ll be back but right now I can’t get the image of him looking miserable out of my head!

    But the fact is that Australia had an amazing run. Now it’s like a changeover period, and the younger swimmers are still making a name for themselves with the older ones on the way out. I’m sure we’ll do better in Rio but we haven’t done badly here! Not many golds, but always at the pointy end, which isn’t bad for a relatively small nation (in terms of population). We were mixing it with Great Britain and France who are both three times the size of us and even the USA who is… well, the USA — which is quite an achievement!

    It’s disappointing to be beaten by the poms but it still gives me goosebumps seeing the emotion of winning gold in front of your home crowd. There’s been some amazing scenes that I’m sure will become famous in time.


    It’s easy to forget how small Australia is (relatively) in terms of population. But it’s Russia I feel most sorry for atm. They actually have a large medal haul, but their number of golds so far look very weak!


    @matt90 – In contrast, Kazakhstan, have only 6 six medals- all gold!


    High-res pic of the stadium at the moment the men’s 100m final finished:


    @prisoner-monkeys I can imagine the Australian attitude gets on your nerves, but Belgium, on the other side of the expectation spectrum, gets on my nerves as well. We have far too much of the just-happy-to-be-here mentality, which is why we never accomplished great things outside of sports very few other countries care about, like cycling, motocross and three-cushion billiards. It wouldn’t be so annoying if they wouldn’t throw the same excuses around all the time (The Dutch are taller than us — China?; China has a much larger population — Norway, Sweden?; they have better facilities — Jamaica, build our own?).

    It goes beyond sports as well: how many Belgian companies, artists or scientists do you know? Probably close to none, because there are very little successful ones and if there are, they became famous after leaving this country, mostly to France, Holland, Germany or The States. Everybody with talent and/or ideas knows they need to get out of here asap.

    The only advantage I see to it, is that it gives us some sort of a neutrality by default. Which, I think, is why our insignificant little country has produced many high-ranked diplomats, such as two secretaries general of the NATO, two presidents of the IOC and the first president of the EU.


    @keithcollantine Thanks for sharing that! Brilliant! I do wish I’d woken up for that race now. I watched it later but it’s just never the same when it’s not live, even if you don’t know the result going in.


    i’ve been watching as much as possible. my opinion so far – great games, lousy american coverage. americans have been flocking to the bbc by the millions.


    Has anyone noticed that the water polo ball looks a bit like Jaques Villeneuve’s helmet?


    I’d be the first to admit that as short as a day before the opening ceremony, I couldnt have given a thought about the Olympics, I just had no interest in it whatsoever.

    However…. I love it! I loved the opening ceremony and was chuffed that we didnt stuff it up. Since then, Ive clammered over every cycling race on TV, which is by far and away my favourite sport in the competition and have enjoyed watching sports I never thought I would, such as the hockey, rowing and the martial arts stuff. Its been superb and that Team GB has done so well has made it all the better.


    Has anyone here heard of the germans horse “Damon Hill” in the equestrian dressage individual competition. Never thought they would have any sympathy for Damon.


    I’m now watching the soccer final Brazil vs. Mexico, or to put it in F1 terms: Massa vs. Pérez. Based on that, I’m pretty sure Mexico is gonna win this one.


    It seems Mexico will win without f1 terms.


    Τhat’s it. See you in Rio.


    It was a pretty good Olympic Games, though I only really watched the events on the weekend due to work. Best moment for me was the Jamaican 1-2-3 finish in the 200m. Worst moment was tweeting during his Olympic flame run, what a jackass (I can’t think of a really bad moment during the actual games).

    I can’t wait for Sochi 2014 for the Winter games (the better Olympics games :D).

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but here’s a fun fact: Brands Hatch will host the road cycling events of the Paralympics.

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