McLaren P1 – successor to the McLaren F1 – revealed

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    McLaren claim the P1 has lapped the Nurburgring Nordschleife in under seven minutes in Chris Goodwin’s hands.

    Here’s a video with too much moody footage and atmospheric music and not enough white-knuckled onboard terror. Still pretty cool though:

    Hopefully a full onboard video will follow…


    Interesting. I wonder which layout they clocked under seven minutes. I looked up the lap times on Wikipedia and there is a whole lot of variation in timing. Make the Nordschleife loop alone under 6:11 and then we could talk about shattering the ultimate record. I believe this is the current one held by Stefan Bellof and his Porsche 956.


    The convention is BTG (bridge to gantry) I understand. So a full lap of the Nordschleife minus a section of the pit straight. More info at if you’re into ‘Ring stuff.

    7 minutes is mighty impressive for a production road car – Bellof’s lap, whilst incredible in it’s own right, is not the fairest comparison since it was a full-blown fire-snorting race machine.


    Got it, BTG was one of the more unusual things I learnt about timing on the Ring. However, it’s not the pit straight that’s involved, but the back straight on the actual Nordschleife (you might wanted to refer to that in which case we just misunderstood each other a bit). Thanks for the info. :)


    McLaren has revealed a ‘Prost’ edition of the P1 which features his helmet colours incorporated into the livery:

    This weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed will see a collection of McLaren models, displayed statically at McLaren House, adjacent to the famous Goodwood House, and in the Supercar Paddock prepared by McLaren Special Operations (MSO). The bespoke arm of McLaren Automotive has prepared models from the Sports Series, Super Series and Ultimate Series, the three newly-announced model tiers. Each of these celebrate this year’s Festival of Speed ‘Flat-out and Fearless’ theme, highlighting a milestone or ‘moment’ from the history of McLaren, and honouring some of the legendary drivers who have driven for the team over the years.

    The Ultimate Series is represented by the McLaren P1™, prepared by MSO, with inspiration drawn from the patriotic French livery of the helmet worn by four-time Formula 1 world champion, Alain Prost. Colour-matched to the famous design, the carbon fibre bodywork of the Prost-themed McLaren P1™ is white with blue graphics and red highlights. Representing the Heritage division of MSO is one of the rarest McLaren roadcars ever built, the McLaren F1 GT. Kindly loaned to McLaren for display at Goodwood, chassis #58F1GT is one of only three examples, designed and built to homologate the McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’ for GT racing during the 1997 season. The livery echoes the famous monochrome design of the Formula 1 team during the late 1990s, driven to back-to-back world titles by Finnish racing driver Mika Hakkinen in 1998 and 1999.

    McLaren P1 Prost Front 3_4

    McLaren P1 Prost Front

    McLaren P1 Prost Interior Dash

    McLaren P1 Prost Interior Seats

    McLaren P1 Prost Rear three-quarter

    McLaren P1 Prost Rear

    McLaren P1 Prost Wheel

    McLaren P1 Prost Wing


    Now that I like, although there are two problems: I’ll never be able to afford it and I’d never be able to drive it in the smooth Prost style…

    Fer no.65

    That’s quite cool. We get all sorts of “Senna Editions” but nothing from Prost, another Grand Prix legend.

    And I have to say that a) I really like those details with Prost’s helmet scheme and b) it sort of looks like a subtle version of the Fina McLaren F1 GTR.


    Still not as good as a 918. :)


    The GTR version looks pretty special:

    McLaren P1 GTR

    McLaren P1 GTR

    McLaren P1 GTR and McLaren F1 GTR

    McLaren P1 GTR and McLaren F1 GTR

    McLaren P1 GTR and McLaren F1 GTR

    R.J. O’Connell

    If only it could race at Le Mans, though. Or, in lieu of that, how about a Mclaren P1 GTR World Championship?


    The McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 have faced each other on-track for the first time. Here’s the outcome (lap times at 14:30 in the video):


    I saw this last week, absolutely amazing to watch these 3 cars in action. But the whole argument about what tyres the P1 should run really is a good point, the P1 was purpose built from the ground up, including the tyres, so not to be running on those is interesting. However, I’m a Porsche fan, so I’d take the 918 ;)

    Sergio B. Perez

    That is an absolutely fantastic video. And really done with passion. Big, big congratulations to Chris Harris and Crew. Big fan also of Tiff, would’ve liked to hear more from him on the cars, but all in all, one of the best car ( non motorsport) videos I’ve seen.


    McLaren is also producing a James Hunt edition of the P1 GTR, decked out in his helmet colours. Here’s a rendering they’ve issued:

    McLaren P1 GTR James Hunt edition


    If Vettel ever joins McLaren and the helmet design limit gets lifted I wonder what his edition of the P1 would look like.

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