McLaren produce one-off X-1 concept supercar

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    “The client wanted a machine that had all the capability of the 12C but wrapped in a unique body that reflected his needs and personality.”

    Hmmm… Pretty sure I can think of which billionaire client wanted this…


    wow, that car is horrendous


    I LOVE this car. I love it more because so many people don’t. It’s very individual, it’s a different world type of car. I wish I could have requested a car like this if I had the means. I’d know it’s mine, for me, unique, outrageous, and that I knew every mm of it’s details and design. If you can design a car for you, why the heck not! ( PS, the owner doesn’t care about your opinion, he didn’t buy it for you ;) )

    Another reason I really like it, is it is sooo contrary to current design cues. It’s almost going in reverse, against the grain. For me, this car will either grow on me, or I’ll grow out of it. However, opposite will be true for others. They may hate it now, but grow to like it.

    It’s does feel like Lady Penelope’s weekend car though :)


    I see Gordon Murray has left the company…


    One thing that hasn’t been touched on, but is important, is that this car is a big step- starting to tailor to individual clients’ requests puts them more on the road to becoming an interesting and ‘proper’ supercar manufacturer in the vein of Ferrari and Lamborghini. Regardless of what I think of the styling, I’ll be interested to see if they produce more exclusives in the future.


    @matt90 I concur completely and felt the same way. It creates an air of excitement and optimism when we are used to factory produced, industry seeded design ideas. I love that they are ready to respond to personal desires and individual tastes. It’s makes for a very varied stable of designs.


    The car is not what I would choose, probably the part i like the least is the fact its front is too much of an Audi R8 to me. Bot for the rest I pretty much agree with what @hare ‘s written about being a special one can have a unique car.
    And its great if McLaren can do these kind of cars more, because to the ultra-rich it must be a big thing to have it really to personal preferences as much as this is.


    is it rowan atkinson?

    Rick H

    Hmmm, It’s different… Not sure whether that is a good different or bad different yet.


    It’s actually grown on me loads. I like the profile and back. Not sold on the front though, which is generic doesn’t really fit with the rest of it.


    Ugly as sin. Don’t like that one bit. From any angle.


    The point isn’t whether we like it or not. It’s been custom-made to meet the requirements of one individual, and I expect they worked together all the way, much as you would with haute couture. Hopefully they’re very happy with it.


    A new McLaren supercar is expected to be revealed at the Paris Motor Show with “more than 1,000bhp”:


    @keithcollantine Yeah, think they’ve been saying for a while that they would release their ‘P1’ or whatever they call it internally.

    But that link says 800+bhp, not 1000, which is in line with other things I’ve read- it will most likely be a rival to the next Ferrari Enzo.


    @matt90 When I put the link in it definitely said 1000bhp.

    Looks like another example of someone changing an article without identifying it.

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