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    Right, this was a decent discussion until recently.

    Stop the insults or the thread gets locked.


    @Ned *licks a stamp and slaps it on Neds forehead.. carefully scrawls out a random address*..

    I’ve just addressed you! How do you like that! Huh?!

    ;) You know I love you.

    Alex Bkk

    This thread has become a bit nonsensical, if, in not the least a bit off topic. This is not a place for personal vendettas. The original poster had a complaint addressed to the owner of this site. In the end he was most gracious in his departure.

    Please everyone learn from this.



    Well, I’ve been reading this site and forum for years, when it was really small. I used to contribute more (on the ‘old’ forum, if you like) but do so much less now. I guess this is for two main reasons –

    1, I am just not as knowledgeable on either the technical side or history of f1 as most here so I’d be out of my depth.

    2, There are now so many people commenting someone else has invariably made the point I would have done, so I don’t bother repeating it.

    I feel the quality of member posts has dropped considerably in that time, it originally was a few fans of the sport commenting with fairness and impartiality, it is often now many fans of something within the sport spouting their beliefs whether or not it has any relationship to the subject or reality. This does get tiresome, but it is going to happen as the site grows and is just one of those things.

    I think:

    -Mods need to be a bit harsher. This LL bloke has been trolling the hell out of the forums for weeks now. He is clearly an idiot. Just ban him or something. I’m sure LL will read this and not like it – so Mr LL if you don’t like the way this place works or any of the people on here (as seems to be the case) why don’t you just p*ss off and annoy someone else.

    -If people don’t like getting shot down by Keith or mods then don’t start topics which will clearly be shut. How annoying do you think it is for them doing the same things over and over because people can’t be bothered to stick to the rules.

    -Posts questioning the impartiality of the articles should be deleted and if they keep doing it members banned. It’s just stupid, never correct and the rest of us don’t need to read the same nonsense after every article that refers to and English driver.

    This website is truly amazing. It does not need changing in any significant way. I am forever grateful to Keith for pouring so much of his talent and time into this place and giving it to us for free. It is brilliant places like this that will stop Murdoch turning the internet in to pay per view with his firewalled drivel.

    Keep it up Keith, and ignore the haters.


    So, I’ve been asking the nicest possible way to some people to don’t interact with me (I have my reasons) and I’m an idiot troll?

    ok…, so, good luck to you all, it was a pleasure while it lasted.



    sadly, your use of bad language is likely to get your post removed/thread locked but I agree with everything you’ve said.

    Ned Flanders

    OK, see ya, bye.

    to bring this back on topic, I agree with TommyB and Icthyes that there are probably too many race review articles on post race Mondays. Given that all websites create so much content after a GP, we’re kind of drowning in F1 information, and in the end I only really look at one or two of them.

    Another problem I’m having at the moment is more technichal. For the last week or two, every time I try to get on the main site, it crashes, says Internet Explorer has stopped working, and then either relaucnhes the tab or redirects me somewhere else. This has meant that I’ve barely been on the site proper recently, though it doesn’t affect me on the Forum. It’s really, really annoying!

    Alex Bkk

    You’re fault Ned for using IE… the internet really has progressed ;)



    Your point about the mods being harsher is a point I wish to pick up on. As mods we have been told to keep the forum civil and very little else. My understanding is that Keith doesn’t wish to limit the creativity or speech of the users except if it is absolutely necessary. I think realistically this is because Keith doesn’t have enormous plans for the forum.

    @LL Jehto

    This is a forum and thus you cannot simply tell people not to speak to you. Further, I would suggest that if you are using this website solely for the forum then you are using it incorrectly. The vast majority of content and discussion takes place elsewhere. Even if you simply choose to use the forum more than the rest of the website, its worth looking around the rest of the articles.

    The forum users only thing is also nonsense, I don’t see the need for it. As stated, the forum is more of an add-on to the main site rather than being the focus. I would encourage everyone to use the website as a whole and not solely as a forum.


    This post seems to have run its course and ended in nonsense. But I agree with a lot of posters here that generally the quality has if anything improved, and part of the sites natural growth has meant the comments become more cluttered. However, a lot of these commenters are valuable additions, and if you wade through some of the crap one there are still plenty with insight.

    Some statements from Keith come across a little blunt, but some are just asking for it, and I appreciate Keith must have little time to make such comments anyway.

    I’ve only just started using the forums recently, despite reading the site for about 3 years or more. I quite enjoy a lot of the discussions and its nice to make posts where the people reading them are people who would appreciate such comments. However, this thread highlights some hostility- no fault of the site, more individual posters taking things to heart.

    And I agree that the trouble with individual team reports is that their influx pushes quite recent items massively down the feed.


    Yeah, would quite like to see Say Anything live, but the opportunity never really comes up. Alive With The Glory of Love will always be my favourite.


    Yeah, this thread may as well be closed because there’s nothing more to be said from anyone that hasn’t been already, and it’s kind of pointless anyway because some people on this thread (won’t name names) can’t seem to accept other people’s points of view.

    (Off topic)

    , Yeah me too, but it’s quite difficult as I live in the UK. And yeah I’d probably agree with that too, although I’m getting into a lot of their older stuff atm. I’d say all of their songs are class. lol :)


    I agree with Icthyes a page back or so, that the loss of a community feeling is inevitable when a community grows. I think that it’s ony people who’ve been around for a while that feel that way, though. It’s really not so much of a loss as just a change.Maybe it would be time to resurrect the ‘Say hello and introduce yourself’ thread so that people can get to know one another again or for the first time.


    Well, I could show you half a dozen comments from the litle twitter community some of the posters here share that would directly contradict that, Damon. From you, from the Wise, from The Simpson and a few others. I won’t do that, though.

    With intelectual disohnesty, I can handle very well, I just stop answering.

    With hypocrasy and a group of users conspiring on a different community over what to do on this community, I’m sorry, that just doesn’t seem fair. It’s not for me. I’ll just walk away and You can keep the forum and the site to yourselves.

    Good luck to all.


    So LL Jehto, isn’t listening in on conversations a tad impolite? That gif was never meant to be shared by its creator (can’t blame people for talking in private-ish). And you must admit, that you did get very defensive and aggressive on it, sometimes its wiser to just let things go (even if you are sure you are right).

    If you use the site and give your opinion refraining from flame war like arguments (that counts for everyone, I am fully with SW6569 on this) it is nice discussing. Like your comments on 2 other topics today I saw are perfectly fine and a worthwile contribution.


    This isn’t a very productive thread now is it!

    I’ll agree with the post race reports, I tend to read those where a driver has seen some particular action during the race. Although, I do like this feature.

    But apart from that this site is perfect.

    Oh, and like many others I don’t like LL Jehto. I wouldn’t dare address him personally.

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