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    Dan Thorn

    I’d agree that the overtaking in bike racing isnt as exciting – they’re almost always done under braking for a slow corner, defending is pretty much non existant and theres moves every lap. The real excitement in it comes from the battles, with different riders counter attacking or pressuring the guy in front until he bins it (which happens surprisingly often).

    Take the battle between Rossi at Lorenzo at Catalunya in 2009 (if only F1 races there were that exciting)

    Or my favourite, the battle between Rossi, Kenny Roberts Jr. and Toni Elias at Estoril in 2006.

    I understand it’s not for everyone but there are a lot of genuinely exciting races every year (though the 2010 MotoGP season was very dull).


    (if only F1 races there were that exciting)

    Even Bahrain 2010 was that exciting. (Sorry couldt resist it :P).

    If you say this is the absolute pinnacle of MotoGP then sorry it will never ever make my boat float. I can simply not see where the excitement is placed.

    There is no way a man with a slightly slower bike can hold up a guy who is faster and it is no real battle to get back in the lead if you are faster than in everyone else.

    Dan Thorn

    I agree that the guy on the fastest bike winning a high percentage of the time is boring, but the bikes and riders are usually close enough to allow for decent battles which is what I find exciting. Heck, boring MotoGP races are REALLY boring and I’ve often switched off mid way through, which I’ve never done with even the most boring F1 races!

    Alianora La Canta

    I follow the Le Mans Series, Intercontinental Le Mans Cup, any other sportscar races Giancarlo Fisichella is doing and MotoGP.


    GP2, Indycar, V8 Supercars, American Le Mans Series, Le Mans, FIA GT1, and some MotoGP, DTM, BTCC

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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