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    As we head into the off-season this is when I usually take the opportunity anything on the site I want to improve for the next season.

    With that in mind, here’s an open thread for you to suggest any way we could improve the site based on the last 12 months.

    What kind of articles do you like or dislike? What would you like to see more or less of?

    How could the site work better from a technical point of view? Does it work well on all the devices you access it on?

    Please offer your suggestions – as constructive as possible – below.


    Personally, I enjoy the behind the scenes stories and the bits you don’t read on every other F1 site.


    Hi Keith,

    Congrats on a great site once again this year. Dieter has certainly been a great addition with such insight and close proximity to F1, you can be proud to have got him onboard.

    A few thoughts on improvements:

    1) I didn’t like the move from where one can make an anonymous comment as a non-member rather than need to be a member and logging on. It doesn’t really make a difference to anomality, as we all have user names, but I think it makes the forum better as people do get to know as ‘user name”, anon’s don’t add value.

    2) Quizzes: I think there used to be a race or season F1 Quiz??- either I have lost how to find it or its gone. But people love an F1 quiz (or any quiz, at least if you know the subject). My daughter loves to give me the Official F1 Site quiz, and ALWAYS is impressed by my F1 knowledge, even if its a really crappy score LOL.

    3) Travel Forum: I found this site when looking to travel to the 2012 Japanese GP- basically planned my hole F1 trip on recommendations on F1F’s. I have travelled to quiet a few races OS since then and have tried to share this info back on these forums- was “Evilhomer’ for most of that time (I got to the stage I was tired of forums and the negativity so I deleted my account. I realised I like to ‘talk’ F1 as most of my mates don’t, got back on but Evilhomer was taken- so now Garns). But if anyone does travel to F1 its so good to share on sites like this. Little tips and hotels and make or break a trip- share people!

    4) Forums themselves: I thought back in the day the Forum had so much more activity rather than the daily sum up. For example I have posted for a 2nd time peoples thoughts or experiences with new F1 Access channel, still no responses that add value to me, but plenty of spiteful Max V Dan or Ham V Vet comments to go around.

    Love the site, have a great break guys!


    It should be a bit more mobile friendly. Maybe you could merge it with the taptalk app?

    We should be able to access our history more easily.

    I would also suggest a sidebar for our most recent activity

    An edit button, that would allow us to edit our comments (obviously) and that marked the comment as being edited. Plus by clicking a button we could see the original comment so that we could confirm the person hasn’t changed the meaning of the message

    The forum always felt a bit hidden for me, don’t know why. Maybe the sidebar could be helpful here as well?

    The notifications aren’t working properly, sometimes I get tagged and I don’t receive it. Maybe get a notification also if we get a reply without being taghed? That would be great especially when unregistered accounts enter a discussion.

    “+1” button, sometimes there are great comments that look like they are not being appreciated because they have no answer, that would prevent that and help you on the COTD

    Again with the notifications, I have two friend request from fake accounts that I cannot see, read, delete or ignore, but I do have the number 2 in pending requests, even though they disappeared.

    More as a suggestion, but probably complicated due to the nature of the site. Only allow registered accounts to comment, as troll prevention. Buy fully understand why this isn’t in use currently

    Also add shortcuts for the standings

    Graphics for the probability of some accounts commenting nonsense, JK, I know who they areand I belong to the group


    I’d really like to see some improvements to commenting. The edit button is the obvious one. I don’t fully understand what is the moderation reason to not have as the edit button could have a time counter like 15 minutes or 1 hour so you can at least fix typos in your post. After that it would lock down like it now does after pressing submit.

    I’d also like to see improvements to the way quoting and nesting of the comments works. I think if you quote someone they should get a notification that someone replied to their post. Now they only get a notification if you specifically mention them (@user). I’d also add more levels of branches of comments. Currently I think there are 4 or 5 levels after which all the new comments end up just below each other. If possible I’d prefer reddit style of comments nesting where each reply is branched out below the post that is being replied to.

    I’ve also found a bug on the site. If you go to your profile > activity and scroll to the bottom and click “show more” it starts to show other peoples’ posts instead of your own posts.


    Hi Keith.
    Personally I would love to have a section where I can see the standings in F1, F2, GP3, WEC, moto gp etc. Although you update championship points after each race I find I often want to look at all the different points from all the different series.


    Lots of stuff, not going to enumerate each of them. Just take it for granted that I like it if it isn’t covered in the dislikes :-)

    – Headlines needn’t be as sensational as they often are (a common theme in 2018, not so much earlier). I think you have your regular readership who don’t need catchy headlines to be drawn in. A mundane headline also improves the odds that some people actually read the article before heading into the comments.
    – There has been a shift in the reporting of articles – we now have more articles built off a single soundbite (e.g. driver X said something about something). I’m neutral about this – its an editorial decision with its pros and cons. What would be good is if the opening line para had a phrase like “In response to a reporter’s question, driver X said something” or “In response to a question from RaceFans, driver X said something”. Quite often, there are comments from people who think these drivers are giving unsolicited opinions when they are often (always?) responding to questions.
    – Round-Up – the quality has fluctuated in 2018, whereas it was solid earlier. It might be coincidental or causal, but it seems to have started when the site switched from only aggregating to aggregating and reporting.
    – Caption competition!!! Why has this gone away? It was fun.

    – Eidt bttuon. Enough said.
    – Dark mode. Would be nice for those of us who take a peek at the site at night, and don’t enjoy searing our retinae even with the lowest brightness on our phones :-)

    Now, don’t go counting the likes and dislikes and think I’m a hater! The fact that I’m invested enough in this site to offer feedback should be taken as a positive (even if I contribute many groan-worthy comments the rest of the time).


    I’ve followed F1 (and all sports in general) much less this year due to lack of time, so I can’t really comment content-wise, but it’s really annoying that I’m automatically logged off from the site about once a week, both on PC and my phone. I hope that can be changed.


    Thanks very much to everyone who’s shared their ideas and suggestions so far, please do keep them coming.

    A few people have raised concerns about unregistered users being able to comment on the site. I understand completely why this is a concern for some and I have considered putting the kind restrictions some of you have suggested. I’m reluctant to because I don’t want to close off participation in the site to new visitors. But I will keep it in mind and am looking at how we can improve the commenting procedure.

    I know a lot of you want the ability to edit your comments but at the moment we can’t do that because it would mean allowing users to re-submit comments after they have been published, which would cause a new complication both for moderation and people replying to comments. I think the way to proceed here is to find ways to make it easier for people to spot mistakes when they’re posting comments – again, a thought for the future.

    I definitely agree that the site’s performance on mobile devices needs to be improved and that will be a focus of the next major revision.

    I’m glad to hear some of you miss the quizzes – I’ll look into bringing those back too.

    Regarding the level of activity in the forums, the link to it is promoted on the home page and we have the ‘from the forum’ feature in the round-ups as well. At the moment I’m not prepared to give it more space on the home page.

    I’ll respond to a few more of these later but in the meantime if you have any further ideas on how the site could be improved, particularly from a technical point of view, please do share them.


    Hi Keith,

    Happy new years. You have touched on a few of my comments there, yes, bring back the quiz!!
    In regard to the Forum being on the home page that’s a fair call, its supply & demand and people will use the features they want to (but I will keep trying :)

    Have a great year, bring on Melbourne (I am trying T1 in the Chicane Pavilion Saturday and Sunday (hopefully some Paddock access on Thursday)


    Firstly I think this site is mostly great so thanks for all the hard work.

    I have mentioned this before in the comments section on one of the charts and graphs articles (not sure if that is the correct name) but I think the graphs could be improved. I love the graphs – these along with the stats and facts articles are my favourites – however, the lap-time graphs say – all the lap times with very slow laps omitted – but I don’t know what counts as a very slow lap as pit in and out laps and safety car laps still seem to be shown and come up as big spikes, which clouds the interesting a relevant information on the graph as all the data gets squished into an indistinguishable mush at the bottom of the graph.

    I think it would be better if the pit-in and pit-out lap times were omitted from this graph so the spikes disappear and the rest of the data can be spread out across the whole chart and read/interpreted more easily. As the pit-in and out lap times are interesting and useful to see who did a really quick lap to make an under/over cut work etc. these could be added to the pit-stop time tables so all pit-stop related information is all in one place and the information is not lost.

    Another bug-bear I have is that sometimes there seems to be three articles about a conference quoting different parts of what the same driver said or three articles about the same topic but form three different people. I understand that this is probably to highlight each point they made but it seems unnecessary to me and fills up the homepage with what could be combined into one article.


    Pretty much perfect as it is, but maybe a way to sort comments by time would be useful.

    Fer no.65

    I think the site improved a lot last year with the addition of Dieter and other contributors. I particularly enjoyed the Paddock Diary, and the weekly article by Dieter (English isn’t my native language and I feel sometimes it’s difficult to follow with certain expressions and the way the narrative goes). I also like the reviews of the race although I have to say sometimes you had to wait a day or two before it appeared o the site. It used to contain a lot of detail into what was not seen in the broadcast but that’s also been trimmed down I feel.

    I miss the caption competitions and the historic reviews we used to get sometimes. I agree with some fellow racefans that the headlines were a bit more sensational” and sometimes we “got 2 or 3 articles reporting on the same thing, which wore down and also distributed the discussion on more than one article.

    Finally on my mobile at least, the site is quite slow and sometimes the look of the site varies depending on certain links, graphs or pictures being shown.


    @madman I think the graphs you’re referring to have a zoom facility which should allow you to remove the spikes from the Safety Car laps, if that helps?

    And on the timing of articles from the press conferences, it often depends on the timing of when the comments were made. Normally if I’ve got multiple quotes on one subject from different drivers I’ll use them all in the same article.

    I agree there’s room for improvement with site performance on mobile devices.


    Hi Keith

    Thanks for the reply.
    I find that when I try and zoom in on graphs it zooms in on both axes, and I would like to see the data across the whole race but zoom in on the vertical axis as such. Is there a way to do this?

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