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    Helpfully this is now posted as a topic. Need to not post when catastrophically tired in the future.

    As RaceFans starts a subscription push, it has me thinking about options for tiered subscriptions. Right now a subscription gets rid of the ads, which is very welcome. But there’s no real option to pay more to get more.

    I also subscribe to Ars Technica, who have a two-tiered option. That’s a site that produces a lot more content and employs a lot more people, so I’m not suggesting a simple copy of their subscription options, but I think there’s some good ideas there ( The main thing for me would be having the full text of articles available in the RSS feed, since that’s the way I learn about new articles. Being able to skim-read an article and decide if I want to come back to it, click through for images and charts, or jump straight to the comments would be something I personally appreciate.

    Any ideas about what else might be able to go into a higher-tier subscription? Monthly podcast? Q&A sessions? Discord server for live qualifying sessions and races? It would feel counter-productive to have exclusive articles, but maybe on less ‘newsy’ stuff earlier access for subscribers?

    If a podcast, I think there could be real interest in having a journos-only podcast. No guest drivers or breaking news or race predictions, just old hands shooting the breeze about historical events, drivers, races, politics, etc. I’m sure Keith and Dieter would have plenty of people to tap to participate.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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