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    I dont know about you guys but I enjoy watching racing. I dont feel that four tires should decide how a race is run. A race should be a race from begining to end. France 1979 Gilles Villeneuve and René Arnoux those guys were going at each other at the end of a race. Will we ever see that again…on a regular basis?


    If memory serves me right the reason Gilles and René had that battle was because Gilles was on very worn tyres and René was therefore catching him quickly.
    Will we ever see a battle like that again? Probably not, but it wasn’t like that was the standard battle back then.
    Compared to any other decade of F1 racing that duel was and still is one of the best duels.
    No matter how much we change to rules to make F1 racing “real” we probably won’t see another battle quite as spectacular as that one.


    Sadly we wont see a fight like that again. Would we see better racing with tires that could ware better?


    I don’t think all hope is lost to be honest. Take away DRS and we could still have such battles. We had several sort of last year, in China, Monaco and Spain, all for the lead. Sort of.


    As Mads said, tires going away is what has lead to many great battles over the years. If anything, it’s better that they wear out now.

    We still have hard fought battles, the difference is that the rules are more stringently written and enforced. This means contact is even more undesirable besides just the likelihood of damage. Though the Villeneuve/Arnoux is fantastic, you can’t get too caught up in rose-tinted glasses over “those were the days.” I’ve been thrilled with some wonderful battles in the last couple years.


    If we had a similar battle nowadays, it would probably get overlooked as the cars’ performances are more crucial and because it is something of the present.
    If it were between Schumacher and Alonso/Vettel, and the one with the inferior car won, it would be great, but no one would care if it was between Karthikeyan and Pic.
    When we now look at that battle, it represents a “golden age” for F1 and a battle between to great drivers, one of which became legend.

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