Red Bull drop Beitske Visser from young driver programme

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    @npf1 If Lotus take Visser, it’d be good, they have a history of taking RBJT rejects (see Alex Albon). Unfortunately, Lotus’s junior team doesn’t inspire much confidence in me. For example, what is Marco Sorensen doing in it, if he misses out on a YDT chance year after year, to Nicolas Prost? Certain young drivers in the Lotus scheme (Marlon Stockinger, Alex Fontana, Oscar Tunjo) aren’t uber-talented either. Esteban Ocon (and possibly also Dorian Boccolacci, who rivalled Max Verstappen in karting this year) are the only Lotus juniors who have a bright future ahead of them. Still, let’s hope for the best.
    Also, how tall is Lammers? :D
    @fastiesty Maisano did beat Marciello in Abarths, but the Italian returned the favour in Italian F3, and has been on an upward curve since. Maisano had a poor year in Italian F3 last year, failing to beat Riccardo Agostini and Eddie Cheever. Also, Ferrari’s prime focus right now is bringing an Italian to F1, so if that meant firing a Frenchman to make way for Fuoco (and increased focus on Marciello), then so be it. McLaren’s problems, as you rightly said, are of plenty drivers, but no seats to give them. Maybe once Honda comes on board, they’ll have more power, who knows..
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