What would your ultimate road car be?

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    We`ve talked about best driving movies, favourite drivers/teams and that kind of thing. Last night Gone in 60 seconds was on tv, and it struck me.

    We have missed something important. If you had the cash what would your ultimate road car be?

    Me its quite simple, a Porsche 911 I have loved them my entire life. And when it was worn out I would just get another one. There are many great cars out there but its a Porsche for me.

    And you?


    Depends on the purpose.

    A performance car, I’d take a Ferrari 458 or Ariel Atom V8.
    An every day car, I’d take an Aston Martin DBS.
    As an oldtimer I’d take a 1957 Mercedes Benz SL 300 Roadster or 1960 Ferrari GT convertible.

    Edit: When having a chauffeur I’d take the Rolls Royce Phantom over anything else, impressive looking car.


    bananarama You have a good point.

    Performance car, The 911
    Every day car, 1960 Mark 2 Jag
    Im not an oldtimer yet, just middle aged with good taste.


    Caterham or a Rolls Royce Phantom

    No other cars needed

    Caterham R500: One of the fastest cars on the road, for the price of a Mondeo
    Rolls Royce Phantom: it’s big, luxurious and it’s one of the most imposing cars out there.

    What I decide to drive depends entirely on what mood I’m in.


    Easy! A Pagani Zonda Cinque hardtop. That is for me, the most breathtaking car ever build.
    Though an Atom, not the 500, just a “standard” Atom would be a lot of fun as a track day car.


    Hydrogen fuel cell powered Nissan GTR.


    E-type Jag, done up so it looked the same as in the 60’s but had the performance of a modern car.


    I have a clear idea of what my perfect garage would contain. The car I would certainly have is a Mercedes SLS AMG, ok I don’t like the doors but it looks and sounds great! For a small car I would have a Fiat 500 Abarth and if I could have a classic car I would have a Ford Escort RS Cosworth.


    I really want to say a Fiat Punto but I’d have to have the Alfa 33 Stradale, Alfa Giulietta SZ from 1960 (if I’ve got any of that right) or the Giulia Spider from the same year.


    Right, I’m not petrol head really. I don’t care much about the amount of horses or torques are in a car. I’m more concerned with how a car looks really.

    That being said, I quite like the following cars, I love the McLaren MP4-12C. It’d have to be black though. I don’t like that orange. Again, I’ve no idea what the power is or any of that jazz. I just think it’s a beautiful car.


    definitely can’t argue with the Stradale. Beautiful car.

    If we’re talking with no sense of reality, I’d probably have to go with the cliché 250 GTO as an old timer, possibly a Zonda of some description as a modern car, and for practicality I might have a Maserati Quattroporte.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’d probably go with an Audi of some kind. I like the styling – it’s not a shouty Italian supercar (though I am partial to the Maserati MC-12) – but I really like the engineering of them. I also like the new Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86. And the Marussia B2, just for the Darth Vader looks.

    But I think the one car I would absolutely have to have is a Lancia Stratos.


    Thats an easy one. It has to be the 3rd generation Honda Integra Type-R, with the B18C6 engine. /Acura Integra on some markets/
    Show me another car without turbo, that can produce almost 200bhp form a 1.8L engine. There is one though, the copycat of the integra, the Toyota Celica. But i like the looks of the 4 door integra sedan better:D

    AMG Fan

    ^^^ Your ultimate road car would be a poxy Honda Integra???

    One of my cars would be a BMW 1-Series M Coupe. I love the outrageously wide wheel arches, and it would be a seriously quick everyday car. Another would be a BMW M3 Saloon for practicality, and I’d have a Ferrari 458 Italia for that heavenly noise at high RPM’s.

    If I’m really being greedy, A Porsche Carrera GT would also be in my garage. It’s my favourite looking car of all time and that screaming V10 is glorious.


    If Forza is anything like real life, the Alfa Romeo MiTo. Beautiful handling and so drivable. Sod supercars, when am I ever going to fully utilise its performance? One track day a month? I’d rather go karting.

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