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    Hello, my name’s Keith and I run F1 Fanatic.

    And you are?…



    My name is Christian and I have been reading F1 Fanatic for a couple of years now.

    I have been following F1 since I was about 8 which means 32 years!!!

    My first race attended was 1992 in Portugal. I believe that was the race that Mansell secured his world championship.

    My wife and I normally attend the British Grand Prix but unfortunatly won’t be there this year as we have bought a new house which is eating all our cash!! Still there is always next year.

    Christian :-)


    I’m Callum, will be 24 next week, live in Melbourne, originally a country boy (Traralgon), currently in my last year of my Bachelor of Commerce (accounting & management majors).

    I’ve only been following F1 fanatically for the last 6 or so years, have been a casual observer since I can remember (I was at practice for the Aus GP in 1991 at age 5).


    Hello, All

    I’m Jeff. Been following Formula 1 regularly since 1956, after seeing my first F1 race live at Silverstone.

    Darn nice to see the Forum back, Keith. I knew you could do it!


    Hi, I’m Dougie (been known previously on here as such) from Edinburgh, Scotland, and have been reading F1Fanatic for a few years now.

    Been watching F1 since the very early 80’s, watched through the entire Mansell Mania & the Great Senna period, and Schumacher & Ferraris dominance. Never been yet to a race, just can’t justify the cost, but did visit MotoGP in Barcelona last year (2009) and it was awesome. So may well start saving for a Monaco “once in a lifetime” trip for me and my wee boy when he’s old enough (he’s only 3), with a taster or two at Silverstone beforehand.



    Names Ed and i mostly lurk here rather than post.

    Well done Keith for getting the forum sorted!

    Looking forward to this weekends race!


    Hi, I’m Dunc. I’ve been reading the forums for a couple of years now and following F1 for as long as I can remember (since the 80’s). I’ll be going to Silverstone for the first time this year. Can’t wait!


    Hello again everyone :)

    I’m Rachel (also known as ‘vettelfan’ on here) Only 18 and still relatively new to F1. Started watching in late ’06, but didn’t become obsessive about it until mid-way through 2007. I’ll be attending my first GP this year, at Silverstone, and I actually can’t wait for it :D



    My name is Nathan and I love all things sport

    Go Webber


    Hi I’m Matt.

    Im 16 from Adelaide, Australia.

    Ive been only been following motorsport since 2007 and F1 since 2008 and have been visiting F1 Fanatic for just over a year. Im also hoping to attend my first GP next year in Melbourne.

    I plan on studying Mechanical Engineering when I finish school which will hopefully (fingers crossed!) lead me to a job somewhere involved in motorsport.

    Its great to have the forum back Keith :)


    My Name is Bastiaan and i have been following F1 since 93. Discovered F1Fanatic and its great forums last year and i found the courage to start posting comments during testing this year.

    Great to have the forum back, i loved the livery-forums running in the off season as well as all the technical discussions.

    I have an engineers degree, but actually i do packaging, logistics and transport as a hobby/getting rich sceme (It would be great to have my own yacht at Valencia, AbuDhabi or Monaco somewhere in the future).

    I am from the Netherlands, studied in Germany for 2 years and currently live right in the centre of Europe in the Czech Republic.


    Fastyr Mie,

    I’m Adam from the Isle of Man and go to uni in Edinburgh where I’m heavily ivolved with the Edinburgh University Motor Sport Club. Been watching F1 since I was about 5 and also follow other forms of motor racing not least the magnificent Isle of Man TT.

    Followed F1Fanatic for a year or so now, and its great to see the best F1 forum on the web is back



    My name is Ciaran.I’m 13,live in Ireland.

    I became a fanatic really around the end of 2006 when Schumacher retired.I sometimes would watch it with my brother when I was younger.

    I started on F1 Fanatic in September of last year and this is my second time introducing myself.

    I am a Felipe Massa fan but actually I have a favourite driver from every team.


    I’m Alex, I’m a 25-year-old 2D and 3D Graphic Artist from hertfordshire, England, now living just over the border in Bedfordshire.

    I’ve been an F1 Fanatic since around 1994, and I found this website a couple of years back whilst searching for what the new Donington F1 circuit layout might look like.

    I don’t have any favourites in general, although I usually support the British drivers and teams, and am always rooting for the underdog, so Panis winning in ’96, and Vettel in the Toro Rosso a couple of years ago were brilliant. I am, however, an avid Ferrari hater.

    Only ever been to 1 Grand Prix, the British round in 2004, but I am finally going again this year. other than that, I’ve been to a handful of race meetings, mostly BTCC and British F3. I did get to see the GT1 Championship at the new Silverstone last month, which was brilliant, if a tad wet.

    Away from F1, I enjoy playing video games (far too much), drawing, listening to a bit of music, gazing up at the stars through my telescope, and seeing my friends as much as possible.


    Hi everyone

    I’m Ewan, also known as either E.T. or flamer92, from Edinburgh. I’ve been interested in F1 for as long as I remember but only started watching the races in 2008. I’ve always been a Ferrari fan, although I also like Red Bull and Force India. Especially after having work experience with Force India in June last year. I’ve never been to a Grand Prix although it would be a dream come true to one day go to Monza for the Italian Grand Prix.

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