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    I am Akshay and lives in India. Follows F1 since Alonso started winning and reading F1F since last 3 years.

    Looking forward to contribute more and more as time passes.



    Ello All,

    I’m Andy, based in Reading, England, Born In Australia, Been watching F1 since I was a child (over 30years+) ouchee I must be old!

    Chat to you all anon!


    Hey Guys,

    I’m JT, I live in the Wirral (just across water from Liverpool) and I am 22years old. Started watching F1 since 2007 due to some bloke out-pacing his teammate!!/xJT19x

    Craig Woollard

    You all can add me on Facebook too.

    Just leave a message saying you’re an F1F user :)


    Hi, I’m Oliver, originally from England but now living in Finland, the country with more F1 world championships per capita than any other. Probably. I’ve got dual nationality.

    I’ve been actively following F1 since 1996 – when I was eight years old – though I remember a handful of races from before that time as well.

    I’ve been visiting F1 fanatic for about a year, and recently I have posted a couple of comments around this site, and it’s impressed me enough to give the forums a try too :)

    Giuliano Carrieri

    Hello. Giuliano, from Brazil. Following F1 since 85′ more or less. Attending to some grand prix around here over those years, and definitely attending this year. Cheers!

    Younger Hamii

    Hello fellow F1 Fanatics

    My name is John,A ‘mature for my age’ Teen,Im a Londoner & I’ve been following F1 since Lewis Hamilton’s World Championship triumph in 2008,Literally my 1st race was Brazil 2008.

    Throughout,I’ve learnt a lot about F1 & that i have so much in common with Lewis.Joined F1Fanatic in 2009 & blended in well especially this year due to the recent significant changes regarding interaction with others.

    What a welcoming Topic,Cheers!!!


    My name is Mariano and I’m from Argentina. I’ve been following F1 since 1962. I was a big fan of Jim Clark on those days. I will never forget the day he passed away.

    I just realized that next year it will be my 50th anniversary with F1. My best memory through all these years, was the face to face chat that I had for more than 1 hour with Juan Manuel Fangio back in the 90’s. He was such an extraordinary humble person that it was difficult to realize that he was a 5 times world champion! I also had the opportunity to meet Nigel Mansell many years ago, a true gentleman in all aspects.

    Cheers to all members of this excellent blog and congratulations to Keith for such a good work.


    Hi! I discovered this post today, but I’ve been following F1Fanatic for 2 years or maybe more, just a couple of months before “registered users”. I’m Omar, an English teacher in Lima, Peru. I love F1 since I was 8 years old. now i’m 28 and I love the idea to talk to people from around the world who understand how great it is to wake up at 7 in the morning to see “cars passing by” as my brother thinks it is.
    But I brought some followers into the sport, like my wife, who loves waking up early to see the start, fall asleep again and be awaken just before the last lap. Remember in Peru the live broadcast starts at 6 and races start at 7am.
    I’m fan of Vettel, Raikkonen and Keith for creating this great place to talk about F1.
    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! That’s what I’m talking about!!!!


    I’m Nicholas (you never would have guessed…) and I’m from Canada. I’ve been watching F1 since the early 2000s, but only took a real interest in 2006, and became fascinated with the sport thanks in large part to Kimi Räikkönen. I currently cheer for him, to a certain extent Vettel, and Kubica before his crash.

    Steve Dennison

    Hi Everyone,
    Been using this site for F1 news for over a year now, though it’s about time to join the community proper.
    Been an on and off F1 fan for coming up on 30 years now, god I feel old saying that!
    Not a fan of a particular team or driver (although favour the Brits), just enjoy the race, especially when the winner deserves it.
    Got to say a big ‘Well Done’ to Keith who has, hands down the best F1 site on the net, with, IMHO the most respectful forum I’ve ever seen!

    Just hoping I can be a part of it!


    Aish Heydrich

    hello and introduce yourself…


    lol @aish !


    I’m Tayyib, from Newcastle. Watched F1 since the age of 3, now 17. One word to sum up F1. Epic!

    Piotr Koteryl

    I’m Peter, 22 years old, originally from Buckinghamshire, but having lived all over England, I currently live and work up in the Yorkshire Dales. I have been following Formula One for as long as I can remember, and regret nothing! I enjoy all forms of motorsport, both on two wheels as well as four, and have been to three live racing events so far: Silverstone GT and Croft BTCC in 2009 and Silverstone F1 (Practice day only) in 2011.

    My favourite drivers at the moment would be Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel, although I am also following Robert Kubica’s recovery closely in the hope that he will return to the sport. I have always had a soft spot for Ferrari (what true F1 fan can’t?), but I would say I am most closely allied to the Lotus F1 team.

    I love F1, and run a Fantasy F1 league, which I took over from a friend of mine back in 2009. I have a beautiful Polish girlfriend, although I am yet to convert her to liking F1.

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