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    Hey boys and girls, thought I’d say hello properly. Long time reader of this site, wanted to join in the witty banter ;) I’m a 28 year old f1 geek of course, first race I ever watched was Canada 1991, I’m from UK so I was cheering for Mansell, boo:( I spent a lot of my youth sourcing those Duke VHS season reviews so I am a bit of a 80’s fiend! I just love how the late 80’s early 90’s cars look. Oh I might as well mention that I always had a soft spot for ex Jordan drivers. Calling all Nick Heidfeld fans! (and to think I hated him when he crashed into Sato in Austria that time!)


    Hi everyone I´m George. I´v Been a keen F1 fan since the days of Sir Stirling Moss and find todays racing as far as excitement going quite boring. There has been one or two good races this year but all in all drivers dont race each other anymore, they race against…doggy tires, team orders and a load of other technical computer hicks and hacks. It was refreshing to hear Raikonen tell his mechanic (a few months ago )or someone telling him what to do by answering ..Shut up and let me drive the car I know what I am doing. I know cars are very technical,cost a load of cash and are the most modern they can be but….. why cant drivers drive the car and get on with it. I may sound grumpy to many a young keen f1 fan of today….but then again they have only the modern f1 to go after.
    To Keith I say Thankyou for a great site ,keep it coming.


    Hi guys,

    I’ve been following F1 since 1998/9 (not entirely sure which, just know it was one of Hakkinens championship years). Strong supporter of teams more than drivers, although i have a lot of time for Sutil and Bianchi.

    I’m 24 and live with my better half :) She even lets me watch F1 whenever its on…..



    Just noticed I haven’t actually formally introduced myself here … how impolite :P

    My name is Joost, but I use the name Andae as an alias. I’m a 20-year-old engineering student, living in the Netherlands. I first started watching F1 in 2000, but it was 2009 when I started following F1 closely, reading everything there is to read about F1. Very interested in the technical side of F1 (aerodynamics in particular), F1 history (favorably 1930-1970) and F1 statistics. I don’t really support a team or a driver, I just want to see good and fair racing between drivers.

Viewing 4 posts - 211 through 214 (of 214 total)
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