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    Antony, 22, Leeds, Architecture Student, i used to hate, except i used to play Grand Prix 2 a lot on my PC, went to silverstone in 2001, i think, Mika which i think was 2001, got converted to F1, but its confusing me when i started to watch because, ive watched every race since the ones ive been too, but i didnt watch any before. but i can vividly remember watching things like Barichellos first win, the big crash at monza etc, which was in 2000, and DC won the british GP in 2000, but i never saw him win, so that would fall under the time of me hating it, but i know i watched it. I dunno it makes my head hurt, i think i must of time traveled.

    Anyway, decided to support Button when i started watching, and have supported him ever since, too this day when i love him more then ever!


    I’m 16, male, from Slovenia – following f1 since 2000 with one pause between.

    I discovered this website about 15 months ago.

    I support Kovalainen, Glock, Petrov, Hulkenberg, Webber, Renault, Lotus and Williams, but I’m more into good races, even if my favourites don’t win.



    I am Sam, from Leicester, i have been reading this site for 3 years and loved F1 since 1990s!

    JB is my favourite driver of all time!


    Alright guys, I’m Zack, post as Srib3d on the live blogs and on twitter.

    Commited follower of F1 an this site. Of which my favourite bit is now back to great rejoycing. Fairly combabtive debater, ignore me if i’m not making sense


    Hey I’m Swaroop, A 20 year old male Pharmacy student from Liverpool.

    Despite playing F1 World Grand Prix II on the N64 to death, Only Properly got into F1 halfway through 2006 when i accidently caught Jenson’s first win in Hungary; didn’t find F1F until the 2007 off season – been addicted ever since!


    Hi there!!

    I’m James, a bored teenager in Yorkshire XD

    I’ve watched every grand prix since Hungary 1999, and have enjoyed every one of them! I love all things motorsport, and plenty of other sports too!

    It’s great that the forum’s back, but not so good it came back online in the middle of my GCSE exam period :D



    I’m Vincenzo, 36 year old Canadian/Italian, I’ve been watching F1 since I was a young boy and am a true Red-Blooded Tifosi. (but I don’t slag other people for supporting other teams)

    First time foruming (if that’s a word) on this website but I’ve been reading for quite some time now. – Keep up the great work Keith!


    Hi I’m Tom.

    I study Music Technology in Leeds where I live with my girlfriend Katy who is also a member of this forum. I run two blogs A Red Bull F1 blog and a Funny F1 video blog.

    I have loved F1 since 1996 where I supported Damon Hill (as I was young and he was winning.)

    My first race was Monaco 2000 since then I’ve been to Barcelona 2001, Magny Cours 2002, Monza 2003, Silverstone 2004, Imola 2005, Valencia 2008, Spa 2009 and I’m going to Hockenheim 2010 :)

    My all time favourite drivers are Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Mika Hakkinen, Jos Verstappen, Juan Pablo Montoya.

    My all time favourite teams are Orange Arrows, Toro Rosso, Red Bull Racing and Minardi.


    Bonjour !

    My name is Catalina and I’m from Chile, although I was born in Passau, Germany.I started with the F1 when I was a child, cos my dad really liked it. He had plenty of photos and “posters”, and really enjoyed the technical side of the competition.

    And away from F1, I just love music and anything related to art. And of course, being with my lovely boyfriend :)



    Hello, I’m Katy :)

    I live in Leeds with my Boyfriend Tom (TommyB89 on here). Just in the process of finishing my Product Design degree at uni, I graduate at the end of July :-O scary times!

    I’ve been into F1 for as long as I can remember; me and my Brother used to go to my Dad’s at weekends and watch the races after a yummy Sunday dinner :)

    Favourite drivers (current and all time): Vettel, Hamilton, Hakkinen and Montoya.

    I’ve been visiting this site for almost 2 years now I think. Best F1 blog for sure :-P

    Ned Flanders

    Hello friend!

    My name’s Greg, I’m 20, from Gateshead in North East England (if you haven’t heard of it, google ‘Angel of the North’, which I can see from my house!). I’m a Geography student at Newcastle University, though I seem to spend more time reading about F1 on t’interweb while I’m at the library than studying… Been F1 mad for about 10 years now, but I’ve still not been to a race yet :(

    Aside from F1, I’m a huge football fan. I support Newcastle United, and England of course, though I’m a club before country person any day. I like all sorts of music, particularly electronic music and jazz, and, being a student in England, I drink too much alcohol. (Can I just take this opportunity to say if you ever see an odd comment from me on here between 3 and 7am, disregard it, because I’ll have been drunk when I wrote it!) Oh yeah, believe it ot not I’m also a big Simpsons fan.

    If you want to know anything else about me you can purchase my autobiography, available in all good bookstores

    Ned Flanders

    I love these sorts of threads! It seems weird thinking of dsob as Jeff, BasCB as Bastiaan, Macca as Nathan etc


    Hello everybody!

    I’m Steph and from Sunderland, England. Ferrari and Felipe Massa fan and I can’t even attempt to deny my bias ways :P

    I have no idea how long I’ve been at this site but I think it’s about 18months. I remember the first live blog I wanted to join was the Hungary qualifying (mainly as I had just got wireless) but I got so wrapped up in watching the TV I forgot. However, I adored this site for the informative articles and the warm community, both of which were great to read after that qualifying session.

    Zazeems good luck with your GCSEs.


    Great post! Interesting to learn about people properly, Ned Newcastle is great and I frequently visit there!

    I’m Luke, 19, from Lincoln, England. I don’t have the vast knowledge that some posters seem to have on here, but I bloody enjoy F1!

    Been loyal to Button through thick and thin since he started, all time favourite team just has to be Brawn ;) and i’m currently backing Renault, Mercedes and Sauber I think!


    I’m the mad Ferrari fan who tries not to get too involved with some of the debates on this site.

    i live in Lucca in Tuscany but have lived and studied in the UK. I’ve been watching since 1970 and have been at many races as a fan and also as a sponsor to Jordan and Mclaren for 10 years. I have liked this site since I first saw it a year ago. Some very well informed posters and a good pinch of nutters. I spend more time here than anyother F1 site, the Italian sites are too difficult to find debate and views at the level of this one.

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