Super TC2000 at Rafaela’s oval

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    Fer no.65

    As I posted last friday in the Round-Up, the Super TC2000, the touring car racing series from Argentina, attempted to break the national maximum speed and average laptime records on the 2.8 miles Rafaela oval circuit.

    The oval is bigger and faster than Indianapolis (less banking angle, tho), and has hosted an USAC race back in the 70s (won by Al Unser). Only once has the TC2000 series raced at the oval (back in 2005), and it was superb.

    But now, with the new Radical V8 engines and some aerodynamic work on the cars (no mirrors, no wipers, carenated rear wheels and other gimmicks), they tried and suceeded to break the records.

    Facundo Ardusso, on a Peugeot 408, got the fastest average speed, 264.8 km/h average.

    And then Gabriel Ponce de Leon (3 times champion), broke the speed record on the main straight in his Honda Civic. A whooping 306,383 km/h ! And right after, he crashed.


    Why, you might ask, they tried this on probably one of the worst oval circuits ever? Well, it’s the only oval in Argentina. And, yeah, it’s in very very bad shape, but that’s all we got!

    PD: don’t miss it, @BasCB ! ;)

    Prisoner Monkeys

    @fer-no65 – Ever since your guest article, “Why you should watch TC2000”, I’ve felt the series is an underrated and largely unappreciated gem of a championship. I’m curious as to how they compare alongside a V8 Supercar, because if there is some degree of equality there, a V8 Supercars vs. TC2000 race would be very, very interesting.

    It’s a mystery to me why V8 Supercars doesn’t try and get TC2000 drivers for the Gold Coast 600. The rules state that every car must have a driver from an international racing series, and the teams tend to recruit Indycar drivers. Since it’s a points-scoring round, the international drivers tend to start the race and be very careful until the mandatory driver change, at which point the field is so spread out that there isn’t much racing, so the end result is largely decided by grid position. But if someone recruited the likes of Matías Rossi – Wikipedia says he’s the reigning TC2000 champion – who is familiar with high-powered touring cars (though I suspect V8 Supercars are much heavier), it would be a major boost for the series.


    Great stuff! Was there a race as well?

    Fer no.65

    @keithcollantine there was, but they used 2 fast chicanes. It was pretty cool too, but a video is yet to be uploaded. I’ll post it once they do.

    @prisoner-monkeys well, to be honest, I think it’s STC 2000’s (that’s how it’s not called) fault. They did the 200km of Buenos Aires every year, and many of the teams invited drivers from WTCC or Brazilian’s Stock Car. But year after year, the presence of WTCC drivers was lower and lower, up to the point that is only Chevrolet that invites Alain Menu and Rob Huff to race here. And they don’t even invite many brazilian drivers. And the race is yet to be confirmed for this year.

    They thought about going to the Nurburgring 24 hrs race too. But I think the car doesn’t fit in any regulation in the world. It’s like a WTCC car, with bigger tyres and a V8 engine, so it’s kind of a mixture of everything. And it’s FWD.

    It is an underrated racing series. Probably the most underrated in the world. That’s why I like to post this sort of thing for you guys. I was amaized last friday watching the cars going +300 km/h…


    @fer-no65 Awesome stuff. Keep it coming!

    Fer no.65

    A bit late, but here are the highlights of the final race:

    Also, the complete footage of the first couple of laps (watch out for the commentator, you guys are not used to that football-like commentary !)

    And another onboard, on a Chevrolet Cruze.


    @fer-no65 I love this stuff, keep it coming! They must have needed tyres of granite for that chicane.

    Fer no.65

    @keithcollantine Funny you mention the tyres. They didn’t last long (many suffered failures… including the guy that broke the average speed record and crashed inmediately after), and they are rock hard compared to the WTCC ones, as Alain Menu once said.

    It’s sad this isn’t shown worldwide. It’d make a great addition to the usual list of BTCC, V8Supercars, DTM and all those series touring car fans love.


    I wonder if @motorstv have looked into showing it?

    Motors TV UK

    We’ve shown TC2000 in the past: in 2010 we had the Buenos Aries 200km. A possibility for the future, but then so is anything with an engine and a competitive element. Those videos are great – they make a wonderful noise.

    Motors TV UK

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know where all the big name drivers have gone? Just glanced at the standings and saw no Fontana, Lopez or Rossi, who must represent the last five or six championship winners. What’s with the exodus?


    It’s great that they race on an oval, yet still actually use the oval (or at least 90% of it), rather than some road-course shoe-horned into the middle of it. Very impressive, very fast. They look good too.

    Fer no.65

    @Motorstv Rossi’s still going, he retired in that race while running second (he’s in the Toyota), Lopez won the race (he’s on a private Focus).

    Fontana isn’t there, tho. He left after Ford pulled out of the series as an official team. So did Juan Manuel Silva, another champion. They’ll surely come back soon.

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