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    Dan Thorn

    Vettel’s Mansell impression is possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen.

    And I’d take the Ferrari. Spending that much money on a car, you’d want it to excite you and be full of drama and as good as the McLaren may be, it is sinfully boring. Also it has turbochargers, which is the lazy way of giving a car more power. Natural Aspiration FTW.


    LL Jehto, the Mclaren F1, the last road car they made, was 1994 I believe? My point is it’s not as often that Mclaren launch a road car in comparison with Ferrari. I think one release every 15 years is quite a novelty.


    Great interview, great guy, and a very precise lap.

    I’d rather have the McLaren. They look similar but the 458’s “face” is horrible. And the novelty factor of the McLaren. And I don’t want to use it as a barbecue.


    Electrolite, yep, I was asking what did you mean by that, if by novelty you meant something they had never done before.

    I always assumed they produced more cars, at least one for each 10 years. Looks like more one per 20 years then. One more reason to think they target collectors or people that already have Ferraris, Lamborguinis, etc.


    I have a link to download the latest episode, but I won’t post it just in case it infringes forum rules.


    Vettel was brilliant during that interview. It’s great to see the fun side of him a bit more because he does come across as a very likeable guy.

    I’d have the Ferrari. The 458 is ugly but looks dangerous while the Mclaren just looks like a boring Lotus.


    I also prefer the Ferrari to any other, as it has 10 times more prestige, and I assume that’s the reason people buy these cars; it terms of performance, etc there shouldn’t be much of a difference, at least not a noticeable one. I mean, come on, one can hate or not like the Ferrari team, Scuderia, ok I understand that. But is it possibly not loving their road cars? not craving one?


    damn, it come out repeated. sorry


    Oh Steph Nooooooooo!!!!!!!

    The 458 is gorgeous!!!




    Download “Expat Shield” once running go to bbc website and click on iplayer, no matter what country you are.. :)

    Fer no.65

    Best episode of TG in a long while :)!

    I don’t like Vettel either (even if I admit he’s the best out there right now). But his interview must be one of the best in the show’s history!. Very funny indeed!


    Vettel showed to the world how likeable and funny he is. Superb interview of a superb champion.

    I also prefer the 458 over the MP4-12C!


    I agree that is was a very good episode of Top Gear. Maybe they should try focussing on cars more often, there’s still plenty they can do with that I think.

    Also, Vettel came over as likeable and funny. During racing, ie. he is probably different, more focussed, but I can see him and the team having a good and fun time, drifting on the success they created in between. I also liked how Clarkson pointed out his leaning forward when talking about his lap, showing his competitive side – but Vettel was also able to laugh at that (happy that he had been the fastest, as usual). Had to laugh at his Mansell impression too. It was funny seeing him not entirely comprehend the joke about congrats with his race win initially, probably helped he didn’t know the airing time of the show; he caught on quickly.

    So, Vettel might be a great guy, if you are not his direct competitor, still would like him to have to show his racing more though. He did have a good race on Sunday I think, and that fight with Hamilton, and defence from Webber (even if Webber eased off in the last lap) were well done.

    The MP4-12c; well, I thought it a nicely done feature, and I do think the nose of the 458 looks more elegant, as a package, had I the money, I’d go for the McLaren. Behind the nose I like the 458 not so well. Personal opinion of course. And, as I know I am not a likely racer, I probably would like all the electronic driving aids in real live, for most of the time. Can’t see myself racing the rather narrow levee of the IJssel river without it really, with all the cyclists, etc. Again: of course you don’t buy cars like that for comfort, and there is a thrill from feeling the road etc. no doubt, but at the end of a nice day taking the car out, tired and sated, I wouldn’t mind cruising home without feeling them, I’d think.


    Vettel has always stayed the same since being at Toro Rosso. He’ll wait around for ages to sign autographs and he tries to be funny in press conferences but unfortunately the majority of British media talk bad of him because he’s ‘the German’ who’s beating the British drivers to the title. He gets the reputation of Schumacher just because he is German and winning the majority of the races, but this isn’t the case.

    I expected the majority of people watching Top Gear to think “Oh Sebastian Vettel, he’s that evil racing driver guy” and then as soon as he did his interview be like “Wow Vettel is actually a really nice guy” and from reading Twitter after Top Gear it sounds like this is exactly what happened.

    Also I’d have a Ferrari over a McLaren any day. The 458 is stunning.

    Scary Terry

    @Harvs: Vettel did a 1:44.0, as compared to rubens who did 1:44.3.

    I’ve always noticed Clarkson does a lot of favoritism towards the car he likes. and he likes the Italia so he said the MP4-12C was a bit boring. and infact the whole thing about Traction control being so complicated do disable, i believe that was safety feature so no one accidentally switches it off. Cause let’s face it, it’ll probably be only JC who will turn off Traction control to drive the car. Any one else would hardly do that. And I think it’s a good thing that it’s a bit complicated to disable it. Also i think it looks better than the Italia.

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