Video: Two hospitalised in heavy crash at Kubica's comeback race

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    Diederik Sijthoff and Andres Mendez were taken to hospital following this alarming and unusual crash on the first lap of the Renault Sport Trophy endurance race at Spa-Francorchamps today:

    This was the race in which Robert Kubica returned to action however his team mate Christophe Hamon was in the car at the time.

    Renault issued this statement:

    During the Renault Sport Trophy Endurance race this weekend in Spa (Belgium), an incident involving several cars happened in the first lap.

    Drivers Diederik Sijthoff (V8 Racing #8) and Andrés Mendez (Oregon Team #4) has been taken conscious at the hospital, reporting back pains.

    Andrés Mendez has been released few hours later while Diederik Sijthoff has to undergo further exams.

    Renault Sport Racing carefully follows his evolution and wishes him a swift recovery.

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