Video: Two-year ban for Dan Ticktum after deliberate crash under Safety Car

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    MSA Formula racer Dan Ticktum has been given a two-year ban after deliberately crashing into rival Ricky Collard under Safety Car conditions having first illegally overtaken several cars in order to catch him.

    Ticktum had already been given a three-month ban for the incident at Silverstone. As his new ban commences from the date of the incident, and the second year is suspended pending any further infractions, he will be able to race again in the latter stages of next year.

    ITV broadcast the race but didn’t catch the incident itself. The footage below shows Collard and Ticktum colliding under racing conditions, which was what provoked the retaliation from the latter. Ticktum can be seen passing cars behind the Safety Car at Luffield at one stage:

    R.J. O’Connell

    Basically the same punishment Tomy Drissi got for this.

    Which were both way more than Matt Kenseth’s two race ban for exercising DRIVER’S CODE, the nothing Sandro Nannini got for reprofiling his front splitter on Roland Asch’s rear bumper, or a younger Satoshi Motoyama getting what was effectively a one-race ban in another series for his vendetta on Osamu Nakako.


    Yeah, once again, it just goes to show how inconsistent stewarding is in general – although it’s a bigger issue if it’s inconsistent inside the same series rather than across series as the latter is next to impossible to harmonise.

    I’d consider Kenseth’s actions to be a bit more severe (not on the level of overtaking and deliberately crashing under caution though). He was blocking Logano audaciously in Kansas so in my eyes it was Logano footing the bill there with a bump (which is acceptable in touring/stock car racing, especially when blocking is involved and it’s a race for the lead), Kenseth was just plain losing it after that in Martinsville.

    Coming back to Ticktum, reading up on the guy, it’s a huge shame he also lost it that much because he initially looked like having a promising future.


    If Ticktum was willing to do something that stupid over an incident that minor he thoroughly deserves that ban.

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