What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

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    What are you looking forward to most about the new season of racing?

    In F1 we’ve got the biggest shake-up in the driver market for nine years, with Charles Leclerc and Pierre Gasly moving into top teams and Kimi Raikkonen off to do some giant-killing at Sauber. There’ll be changes to the aerodynamic regulatiosns too, with new front wings aimed at aiding overtaking.

    There’ll be no Fernando Alonso on the grid, however, as hes off to contest the Indianapolis 500 again. Marcus Ericsson is also heading stateside for a full season in IndyCar, as will his fellow countryman Swede Felix Rosenqvist.

    The Formula E season starts next week but most of it takes place in 2019 so let’s throw that into the mix too – will their second-generation cars help win a new audience to all-electric racing?

    That;s just a few of the big changes coming next year – what are you most eager to see next year in your favourite championships?


    Drivers being able to compete within 2 seconds might be nice!


    2019 Spa GP, my first live attendance


    Ricciardo & Leclerc knowing Senna SHOULD NOT have been able to drive that Lotus as he did in 1985 & 1986………… so maybe they can!

    This forum betting better in more participants!

    The Melbourne GP :)


    The beginning of the season, the new cars, the tests, the moments when everything is still possible. Overtakes, outsiders… but most of all, I want to see how Charles will perform in red. I’m a bit scared by the lack of stability in the team and really hope they will not blow one of the most promising drivers in recent history.

    Steven Smith

    Watching qualifying and the race from the Pitlane in Bahrian. Can’t wait.


    Ricky Bobby driving that Renault out of its skin!!!


    Definitely if Red Bull can be up there again, but judging from Mercedes’ years long domination and Horners negative comments about the new front wing I don’t really have much hopes for it.

    Leclerc, Raikkonen and Ricciardo will all be exciting like pointed out, but maybe the biggest surprise this year will be Sauber’s performance? I did have a vivid dream one night where the pink team and Perez were very strong, so looking forward to seeing if my subconscious has picked up on something.. ;)

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