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    Was just wondering if there’s any exotica lurking in anyones garage ?

    Personally, I have a beaten up old ford escort van (workhorse, plus cheap to run, insure etc), and am saving the pennies to build a westfield / caterham style kitcar :)

    Bradley Downton

    I am 19 now (20 in July) and so have only been driving since November 2011, therefore have only had two cars. I started off with a British Racing Green (that’s what I called it anyway, it was actually just a dark green) X Reg Fiat Punto that I purchased in June 2011 for £750.

    In January 2013 however I set about looking for a new car, knowing I wanted a new shape (not the absolute newest that is out now but the one before) Renault Clio. Having saved a bit of money and also being given a bit by my dad I traded in my Punto for £700 (just £50 less than what I paid for it one and a half years earlier) and purchased a ’57 plate Black Renault Cllio for £4000 that is now my absolute pride and joy! :D

    My dream car would be a Pagani Zonda but knowing this is unrealistic unless I win big on the lottery I’d like a Lotus (hoping this is more affordable for later in my life) :D


    I bet you get shafted hard for insurance on the clio ? What engine is it ?

    Bradley Downton

    I’m with Aviva. When I started with the Punto I was a named driver and it was £900. Every other insurance company was like £2k more expensive though. With the Clio (it’s a 1.2 by the way) I put myself as the main driver and Aviva were kind enough to let me have the one years no claims I’d built as a named driver carry over. It’s only £1200, which for the kind of car it is, and my age and gender, I don’t think is too bad at all. It’s up for renewal soon so I’m hoping it’ll come down a bit. Again, Aviva were like £2k cheaper than any other insurance company so it was a no-brainer, however I checked with a few cars and the newer the car got, the cheaper the bloody insurance was as well! Haha


    Try Adrian Flux, when i was 19 i had a 2.2 honda prelude (200bhp), they covered me for £990 !

    Bradley Downton

    Wow, that’s not bad at all!

    Ben Furtula

    My Dad has a 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX :) I’m only 13…..


    It’s times like this where I wish our used market was as cool as the UK used market appears to be. If it were, I’d be driving something much cooler…

    I drive a ’09 Hyundai Accent; luckily, it’s not as bad as that 3-cylinder diesel that Top Gear tested many, many series ago, but it’s not that great, either. Oddly enough, I do have plenty of fun in it (steering is very direct, and I can actually feel when it starts to slide, etc.) despite it’s lack of power, comfort, and refinement. It’s really a metal shell with 4 wheels, some seats, and a steering wheel.

    I’m hoping that the used market will eventually yield some Abarths or Fiesta STs in the near future.

    If I were in the UK, I honestly think that Renault TwinGo with the Cup chassis (again, tested on Top Gear but much more recently, the one where he put Ross Kemp in the boot) would be my ideal car. Alas, I’ll have to look for the closest Canadian equivalent, which is really the Fiat 500.

    Lucas Wilson

    Obviously I drive a Bugatti Veyron :-)


    Bradley Downton, thats not surprising if you know how insurance companies work. Typically, the only people that can afford a new car are older drivers with more experience. You don’t see many 17 year olds driving around in brand new cars, most are driving around in corsas older than they are. Hence newer cars have less crashes than older ones. Also, as they are newer, parts are easier to obtain, thus they are cheaper to repair in the event of a crash.

    I’m in a similar boat to you – 20 year old male driver – and I’ve got an 06 plate Ford Focus Ghia 1.6TDCi. Again, few young drivers get a focus, and those that do usually get a petrol, so my insurance last year was a very respectable £690. My Fiancee has done the same thing by buying a Honda Jazz – never seen anyone else under the age of 60 driving one!
    My brother’s first car was a rover 75 and he got reasonable insurance. But on the other hand, my Mum bought a Vauxhall Corsa, and her insurance has gone up quite a bit.
    “Old people” cars generally offer cheaper insurance for young drivers, or at the very least avoid cars which are driven lots by young people.


    2010 Ford Fiesta Zetec S. She’s called Fiona and she’s lovely.


    I’ve had a brace of Mazda MX5s and I’m going to buy a 2008 2 litre sport MX5 next week. Currently driving a beaten up Ford Focus ST170 which is ok but not really my cup of tea.


    I drive a yellow 2002 Mazda MX-5, 1.6i 16v.


    2009 Mk 5 VW Golf R32 with a DSG gearbox. It’s sweeeet.


    My Gran’s Ford Gay-A while I save up for a Smart Roadster Coupe (Gordon Murray uses one as his daily driver don’t you know!).

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