What else are you a fanatic about?

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    @slr yea me too, i just have and app on my phone to check the scores lol, stupid ESPN


    @matt90 wow! You’re insane! I’d never be brave enough to try that never mind so many times. Good luck with it :)

    @Portugoose that’s great. I love the violin but sadly have no talent at all. I adore writing too but probably have even less talent at that! What sort of things do you write?


    @steph haha cheers.


    I’m absolutely crazy about Iron Maiden, I’m an official fan-club member, I go to every gig they play in my country, buy every album, dvd, vinyl (even though I don’t have a gramophone), I probably have around 30 t-shirts with various Eddie’s incarnations. Actually my passion for F1 started pretty much at the same time as the passion for heavy metal. Up the Irons!


    I like motorsport in general, particularly the BTCC. Outwith that, I’m a football fan, and am semi-regular at both Partick Thistle and Dumbarton matches. I also enjoy my games. I like some racing sims (but I’m so hard to plase in that department), but I’m really into Nintendo games to the extent I run a blog on the subject.

    I also love the world of computing and open source in particular. I have used Ubuntu for years, and find the whole scene really interesting. It’s the whole reason I’m applying to do computer science at university next year.


    Well, F1 is my second passion against my own racing. I race my own kart at various tracks in the UK and obviously keep up to date online with things happening.

    But apart from motorsport related interests (BTCC, IndyCar, FRenault UK) I also enjoy cycling and kayaking. :D


    @Lin1876 I’m a first year doing computer science at University at the moment, definetley recommend it!


    Other then F1 I love Karting & riding my small bike.


    A1GP, rFactor sim racing, Age of Empires III.
    Obviously F1 is my main passion.


    There’s some great answers in here!

    @Portugoose How old are you, exactly? Good luck with the violin and the writing! I’ve always thought you had a talent for writing, actually. Just from reading your posts around this site, it’s not hard to see you could easily make a career out of it.


    I love to draw – stuff like cars, comics and scenes in everyday life. I should post links to a few of my F1-related drawings and stencils…

    I also love video games, and not just limited to sim racing games like rFactor, Race 07 and others. I also love the Half-Life and Halo series (mostly due to their sci-fi settings and amazing stories – space marines with a twist for the former and a strangely beautiful post-apocalyptic drama for the latter), plus I love playing Minecraft. It allows you to build, explore, improve, gather and manage natural resources, and fight scary monsters! The retro cube-based graphics are also a nice addition.

    I’m also into music a fair bit. I listen the heck out of my iPod, which contains 60s/70s/80s/early 90s pop-rock, and modern alternative and electronic music. I’ve written about half an album’s worth of my own songs too… I plan to learn how to read and write music this year so that I may produce some compositions of my own at some point.

    Oh, and I’ve written quite a few short stories too.

    Dan Thorn

    Cracking thread, @prisoner-monkeys! I’m also partial to a Bond film – I have them all on DVD and tend to quote lines with my friends, but I’m not anywhere near as fanatical as you seem to be!

    I’m a big cricket fan. I got into following it in 2004/2005 but then Channel 4 lost the coverage to Sky. But as I got Sky for the F1, getting the cricket with it is a lovely perk. I spend a lot of time watching it again these days. I used to play a little bit too, bowling my unique variety of leg spin, playing technically good but poorly timed shots and spending whole games fielding down at deep fine leg because I can’t catch or throw for love nor money.

    I’m also a huge Snooker fan. I’ve watched it for as long as I can remember and my Dad has a lovely old quarter sized table which I’ve played on since I was 8 or 9 years old. Only played on a full sized table a couple of times but I’m looking to join a club in the near future and spend a bit more of my time down there. My favourite players are Tony Drago and Alan McManus, but since they’re not exactly at the forefront of the game these days I’ve also taken to supporting the likes of Ding Junhui, Neil Robertson and Mark Williams.

    Five or six years ago you couldn’t keep me away from a piano/keyboard. I can’t read music terribly well so I’d spend hours learning a song and in the end I built up quite a repertoire – mainly 80’s stuff with heavy synth – but now I probably couldn’t remember them. My dad said I could have his keyboard if I want it though, so I might get back into that.

    Video games. Being an only child who lived in a pretty remote area, I’ve played a lot of games. For me, playing a game with friends deep into the early hours of the morning is one of life’s pleasures. They don’t even have to be good games – America’s 10 Most Wanted, for instance…
    I’ve sunk many hours in to the Call of Duty series (though less so the new games) and spent probably months of my life playing Gran Turismo. These days, it’s Forza that I spend the most time playing though thanks to ReallyRubbishRacing. Metal Gear Solid is my favourite game series of all time though – it’s just epic. Pure epic. On every level.

    Other things I enjoy are geography, astronomy, physics and chemistry. I attempted to study History at university before I dropped out, and I still enjoy it. I used to be an active member of forums about Second World War aircraft and I still get excited about a P-38 or an FW-190D.

    James Brickles

    I have 2 other fanatics.

    I am very quickly becoming a snooker fanatic having really got into it at the world final last year. Was inspired by one particular player in much the same way Kimi Raikkonen did for me in F1 – He just amazed me. The masters snooker is on at the moment, so if you get the chance to watch it, look out for the young man from Bristol Judd Trump.

    I also love rock music. Love almost any form of rock really but my favourite band are Welshmen Lostprophets. Even I’m in a number of bands but my main band at the moment is my solo project ‘Start The Virago.’ My second album is going to be released on the 4th of February. If you guys wanna check it out, then the website is :)


    A lot of Video game and Computer Design fanatics on here. A really interesting thread to read.

    as for myself…

    Despite my complete lack of rhythm and skill in anyway, I am fanatic about music. Always have music playing, always searching for and discovering new bands to listen to. I have a wide range, including guilty pleasures, but mainly independent and alternative rock.

    Sports wise. Most Motorsport in general. I’m also a big fan of Tennis and AFL (Aussie Football League). Love the Olympics as well

    I also have significant interests in Physics, Geography, Pokemon and Dinosaurs…and Goatcorp

    @matt90 I think 10 Sky Dives definitely classifies you as a fanatic. I would love to Sky Dive just to crush my massive fear of Heights. It must be so exhilarating.


    @Steph said 19 hours, 23 minutes ago:

    @matt90 why/when did you stop sky diving?”

    When he hit the ground.

    Ahem, sorry.

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