Which motor sport championships will you watch in 2019?

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    Keith Collantine

    As usual I’ll be attempted to follow as much four-wheeled motorsport as I can in 2019. But which are the most important championships for you?

    Is the full 21-round F1 season still essential viewing? Will you cram in all 36 NASCAR races for good measure? Has Alonso fired your interest in WEC and IndyCar? Are you switched on to Formula E yet? What about the tin-tops, rally series, bike classes, junior single-seaters and the rest?

    If it’s got an engine and you’re watching it, tell us about it below.


    I used to watch several races each weekend – F1, GP2, GP3, 3.5, Indycar, MotoGP etc. I’m a bit busier now, the less free time I have I now dedicate to other things as well, so I won’t be watching much.

    I’ll watch a few practice sessions, most or all qualifying sessions, and all races, albeit some by rewinding the TV if I can’t watch it live. I’ll also watch a few MotoGP races, two or three F2 races. The Indy 500. Formula E is on Eurosport, so it’s easier to follow than junior single-seaters, so I’ll watch that if it’s on when I’ve got time.

    I will, though, roughly follow all the mentioned series, as well as WRC, via websites and Weekend Racing Wrap :)


    F1 is my passion, I love it!
    I will watch Formula E when its comes up, love the Moto GP but both these are ‘more if I catch it’ where F1 is my religion. I know exact dates of F1, not the other two.

    Will see some V8 Supercars in Australia, but they are slow and heavy, prefer watching old F1 races.

    With F1 a race weekend its 9 hours, I get as much of that as I can but with kids sport it never happens :)

    James Brickles

    Formula 1 as always, but I’ll be keeping an eye on the British Universities Karting Championship as well… and participating in some of the rounds as well.

    BUKC Calendar
    13th/14th February – Buckmore Park, Kent
    5th/6th March – Three Sisters, Wigan
    16th/17th March – Llandow, South Wales
    5th/6th/7th April – Whilton Mill, Northamptonshire


    F1 and whatever Alonso will be doing. I would want to get into FE and even Indycar, but can’t with the fanboost monstrosity in FE and the yellow flag fakery of Indycar.


    I’ll be watching F1, MotoGP, F2, Formula E, Le Mans (not every WEC race, but some) and the Indy 500.
    If I find time, I’ll try to fit in the Daytona 500, Daytona 24 and Nurburgring 24.

    Keith Collantine

    @Brickles BUKC! That takes me back…

    James Brickles

    @Keithcollantine – Sounds like you might’ve raced in the BUKC unless I’m mistaken ;)

    Keith Collantine

    @brickles Yeah I raced in the first couple of seasons. Loads of fun.

    From what I’ve seen of it nowadays the driving standard looks a lot higher!

    James Brickles

    @keithcollantine – There are some pretty quick drivers out there. Oxford Brookes and Birmingham are looking particularly strong, but we at Huddersfield are going to give it a good go.

    Each round of the main championship is live-streamed on YouTube by Alpha Live, and this’ll be my first time racing in the main championship as well, so I’m looking forward to it.

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