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BMW poised to axe Prodrive involvement in Mini team

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    It just gets worse and worse in the WRC. Now BMW is about to end Prodrive’s backing of the Mini team according to Autosport.

    What a mess this has been, and what a rotten blow for the WRC.


    I wrote an article for Uni about the history of the Mini and used their entrance in this year’s WRC full time as a ‘this is what’s next for them’ thing at the end. I must’ve cursed them! It is pretty sad all round, like you say.


    The BMW guys are just being stupid. I mean, in a couple of races the car has proven competitive, and Dani Sordo is now a great driver without the shadow of Loeb over him. Still don’t know why they sacked Kris Meeke. For me, it’s totally unsensible.


    Due to the uncertainty over the BMW deal and a lack of backing Prodrive wasn’t able to fund Meeke’s drive, hence the pay drivers at each round in the second car.

    The WRC is going further down hill all the time at the moment, would it be at all possible or beneficial for teams, drivers or manufacturers to move over to the IRC which is doing so much better at the moment?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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