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Eurosport WRC TV deal off?

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    It looks like talks for Eurosport to take over coverage of the World Rally Championship may have collapsed:

    If so it’s another dreadful setback for the series.


    Rubbish news! Weird that Sweden is off the radar now, odd they drop it after having a deal in place.


    Oh, that’s bad! That’s really, really, really bad! WRC seems to be taking a step back each week!


    Sure enough:

    The FIA regrets to announce it has not proven possible to find an international promoter as well as a global broadcaster for the 2012 World Rally Championship season at this stage in time.

    The Federation has been involved in lengthy and detailed discussions with interested parties but a series of issues proved impossible to reconcile, and it finally had to take the decision to withdraw from these negotiations.

    In addition to the usual sporting and technical services it provides for these events, the FIA will finance the timing/tracking of each event so that the Championship can take place in the best conditions.

    Teams, manufacturers and the other stakeholders have all been informed of this situation.

    The FIA will now open discussions with all the other parties which have expressed interest in the promotion of the WRC in order to guarantee the future development and growth of the FIA World Rally Championship

    It beggars belief how badly things are going for the WRC right now. Will we even be able to watch the Swedish rally?


    This is as bad as it can get. WRC is having a slow death. Hope this situation is reverted soon.


    This is awful. First, Mikko to Citroen, ogier to S2000, now this!


    Maybe i’m a little naive but could Loeb’s success actually be back firing on the sport? Where’s the incentive if there’s been very little excitement or unpredictability for the past 8 years?

    I don’t subscribe to that train of thought, but surely it factors in?

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