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30kg weight penalty for Honda Civics

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    Honda have to add an extra 30kg of weight to their Civics following their Slovakia win:

    This means they are now 10kg lighter than the Chevrolet Cruzes, 20kg heaver than the Sean Leons and 50kg heavier than the BMW 3 Series and Lada Granta.


    Could weight penalties work in F1 instead of grid penalties for things like gearbox changes?


    @maciek Oh lord no, not more weight.


    It will be interesting to see how quick the Civics are in Hungary, their development has been very quick this year. I’m very surprised to see the SEATs have gained weight but it’s a quirk of the weights system.

    I also hope that all the BMWs will be running with carbon fibre doors this weekend. Franz Engstler and Darryl O’Young didn’t run them in Slovakia, Darryl wrecked his original set in qualifying and reverted to steel doors for race day.


    @Maciek I don’t like them having weight penalties in the WTCC, let alone F1. No, I really strongly dislike that idea. I hope F1 never goes down that route. Like DRS, it would seriously harm my enjoyment of it.


    Plus F1 cars would need space to put ballast and then they’ll need more fuel to carry that extra weight around which means bigger fuel tanks, therefore it’s a terrible idea.

    It’s debatable whether weight penalties actually work, if the car is good enough it isn’t a big problem. Yes the drop in weight for the BMWs helped them move a bit further up the grid but not the Ladas (the Granta doesn’t exactly suit the S2000 regs anyway). Maximum ballast pegged the Chevrolets back a bit but they were still just behind the Hondas which were running at their base weights.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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