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Morocco WTCC track to have major overhaul

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    Morocco’s World Touring Car Championship track in Marrakech is set for a major overhaul courtesy of Hermann Tilke. And that probably can’t be a bad thing as the original course is one of the dullest in motor racing.

    The track will go from this:

    To this:

    That looks a lot more promising to me!


    It looks very positive indeed.

    Granted, it was probably the easiest thing to improve upon the original ‘design’, it was that bleak, but the re-design looks eye-catching on its own.

    Two features stand out for me.

    1) The layout shows Tilke finally began to experiment with longer radius corners (T1, T3) instead of making everything point-and-squirt as is his trademark.

    2) But most importantly, he seems to have somehow gotten a hunch to try including flat-out or near flat-out curves leading onto straightaways which worked out so well in Populous’ Silverstone re-design – and which is a philosophy I’m long since an advocate of. I’d wager fans will see plenty of overtaking attempts going into T7 and T1.


    @atticus-2 I agree. I really hope this is something Tilke will be looking to implement in more future tracks.


    I was fooled by having the two images next to each other there, too me a while to work out the scale is very different and that the current start finish straight will be more than halved in size. I think I read that the new layout will be around 1 mile shorter. So the new circuit will be a tight little track but yes definitely an improvement on the straight/chicane/straight/chicane etc layout that is currently there.


    The drivers are racing there this weekend’s here’s an onboard lap of the circuit narrated and driven by Tom Coronel:


    Looks like quite a fun circuit, well suited to that type of touring car. I don’t know if the racing will be the best, given the tightness of the track, it should be a fun driver’s track. And there are some longish straights with heavy braking zones so there should be some passing.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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