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Video: WTCC introduces 'MAC3' time trials


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    The World Touring Car Championship will introduce a time trial-style competition in 2016 which will take place after qualifying sessions. Details are as follows:

    1: The clock starts when the first of three cars from a manufacturer ‘team’ crosses the starting line from a standing start, and stops as soon as the last car has completed the required number of laps

    2: At the Nürburgring Nordschleife this will be one lap. For all other circuits a minimum distance of 10 kilometres must be covered

    3: The fastest team of three will win MAC3 at each event and score 10 points towards the WTCC Manufacturers’ Championship. The second best manufacturer will earn eight points and so on until all points are allocated (on a scale of 10-8-6-3-2-1)

    4: Although parc fermé will be operational between the finish of Qualifying Q3 and the start of MAC3, cars can be refuelled and fitted with a new set of tyres

    5: Manufacturer teams will contest MAC3 in reverse championship order to heighten the drama and create an even bigger buzz

    With Citroen crushing the opposition week-in, week-out in the WTCC it’s unlikely MAC3 will throw up any surprise results to begin with, but is it a worthwhile addition to the format?

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