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    You can find a large F1 Twitter directory as well as a list of GP2 tweeters on F1 Fanatic.

    I’d like to contribute to this database by creating and updating a list of WTCC drivers who use Twitter. I plan to update this list when new drivers join the championship or new accounts are created. I probably have missed a couple of drivers so I will be happy about your suggestions and corrections, too.

    Current drivers (participating in the 2012 season)

    Andrea Barlesi
    Fredy Barth
    Tom Boardman
    Tom Chilton
    Tom Coronel
    Stefano d’Aste
    Pasquale Di Sabatino
    Alexey Dudukalo
    Robb Holland
    Rob Huff
    Norbert Michelisz
    Fernando Monje
    Tiago Monteiro
    Yvan Muller
    James Nash
    Charles Ng
    Michel Nykjaer
    Pepe Oriola
    Darryl O’Young
    Colin Turkington
    Isaac Tutumlu

    Former drivers

    Robert Dahlgren
    Javier Villa

    The official championship twitter account


    Great idea, thanks @Girts .

    Fer no.65

    I follow Huff… and the only thing he does everyday is follow very good looking girls! heh!


    @fer-no65 And my favourite drivers Coronel and Villa usually tweet in Dutch / Spanish… It’s really not easy to be a WTCC fan :P


    Thanks for the list @Girts :)

    I only follow Tom Coronel, he also uploads some awesome video on youtube !:)


    Just updated the list by adding the 2012 newcomers (or returners) Tom Boardman, James Nash, Tom Chilton and Pasquale di Sabatino and dividing it into two parts. The ‘former drivers’ participated in WTCC in 2011 but so far have not been confirmed with any team for 2012. More changes might happen until the start of the season on March 11 as several race seats are still available.


    @Girts Are there any other indications ‘yvanmuller’ is definitely the real deal? I see the link is on his official website which suggests it is.

    I’m asking because he’s just started following me!


    @KeithCollantine Yeah, this account is mentioned on his official website; what is more, his posts are often retweeted by other official accounts e.g. ‘FIA_WTCC’ and ‘Huffsport’. So Yvan obviously likes F1 Fanatic :)

    I’m going to update the list once more in a couple of days, right now I´m posting this from a hotel lobby in Aachen, Germany…


    Nice! And Tiago Monteiro’s started following today as well. Clearly WTCC drivers have excellent taste in F1 websites :-)


    Just updated the list:

    * Accounts of Andrea Barlesi, Fernando Monje, Charles Ng and Isaac Tutumlu added.
    * Some accounts are moved from ‘Current drivers’ category to the ‘Former drivers’ one and vice versa.
    * The lists are now sorted by driver’s surname, in alphabetical order.


    I just made the following updates to the list:

    * Added twitter accounts of Stefano d’Aste, Robb Holland and Michael Nykjaer
    * Corrected the URLs of Pasquale Di Sabatino’s, Tom Boardman’s and Javier Villa’s accounts as they have been changed
    * Moved the twitter accounts of Fredy Barth and Collin Turkington from ‘Former drivers’ to ‘Current drivers’ as they both have now participated in the 2012 season as well

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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