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WTCC Round 12: Macau

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    The final two races of the season and the final two races for Chevrolet as a works team. The overall championship is between the Chevrolet trio, Tarquini and Coronel are fighting for ‘best of the rest’ honours and the Yokohama Trophy is between four drivers. The top five for both championships are as follows, with those in bold in mathematical contention for the title.

    Huff 390
    Menu 355
    Muller 349
    Tarquini 236
    Coronel 196

    Michelisz 138
    Oriola 126
    D’Aste 123
    MacDowall 95
    Engstler 82

    So for Huffy it’s looking good, he’ll go into the second race with a ten point lead even if he fails to finish the first race. He’s a Macau expert though having won there five times, to secure the title in the first race he should be aiming for a podium finish, even if Menu wins the race.

    For the Yokohama Drivers’, Michelisz is leading but the form has been with D’Aste in the last couple of rounds and he’s closed in on the leader as a result. MacDowall is the outside hope but he must be the independent winner in both races with the others scoring little or no points. It’s not likely but lets not forget what an achievement that is to be going to the last race in contention for the trophy in his first year on the world stage.


    Almost forgot the TV times!

    FP1 on Thursday, FP2 on Friday.
    Qualifying 7:30am GMT (British Eurosport), from 7:35am on Eurosport HD
    Warm Up 00:15am GMT (Eurosport HD)
    Race 1 3:00am GMT (British Eurosport)
    Race 2 4:15am GMT (British Eurosport)

    Once again a lack of HD coverage for the races, something that has happened for all the non-European races except for Sonoma. I hope this changes for next season, Eurosport have the capacity to run it in HD.


    Rob Huff took pole position for Macau with Muller second and Menu third. Tarquini is 4th and Monteiro is an impressive 5th in the Honda having looked good throughout practice. What this means is that the championship now looks like this.

    Huff 395
    Menu 358
    Muller 353
    Tarquini 238
    Coronel 196

    It’s still important that Huff doesn’t end the weekend tied on points with Muller as that won’t secure him the title, Muller will have more race wins even if Huffy wins both Macau races. So to win the championship in Race 1, here is what Huffy has to do.

    Huff has to finish on the podium, regardless of where the others end up.
    If he finishes 4th or 5th, Menu must finish no higher than second even if Muller finishes 1st.
    If Huff finishes 6th or 7th, Muller and Menu must finish no higher than second.
    If Huff finishes 8th, Muller must finish no higher than 2nd and Menu no higher than 3rd.
    If Huff finishes 9th, Muller must finish no higher than 2nd and Menu must finish off the podium.
    If Huff finishes 10th or fails to score, Muller must finish no higher than 3rd and Menu must be off the podium.

    So Muller and Menu really need to win this one with Huff finishing off the podium to take this into the last race.


    Oriola and Michelisz talking about Macau, before Macau


    I just couldnt watch the races, I couldnt get up so early, but Im happy I didnt. The resullts are what I wanted, and I have escaped some heartattacks. Seriously, Round1 Daste, Round2 Oriola?? Talk about luck in unluck:D


    I thought the commentary was bit quieter than usual, Carlton Kirby was alongside Harry Vaulkhard.


    Hopefully I won’t be able to spoil the result for anyone now who wanted to catch the races. I was one of the few who was up at 3am watching the first race which was very spectacular for several reasons, notably the pileup on the first lap which held up 23 out of the 29 cars! It looked good for Huff until he put it into the wall somewhere around the 4th lap, at least it kept the title battle going to the final race though.

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