F1 Fanatic Live: 2017 Brazilian Grand Prix

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  1. Hi Keith. BBC says Bottas did that time on Softs rather than SuperSofts – is that correct? Can’t watch/listen live as I am supposedly working!

  2. Best times by team with half an hour to go:

    1. Mercedes – 1’09.202
    2. Ferrari – 1’09.744 +0.54
    3. Red Bull – 1’09.750 +0.55
    4. Williams – 1’10.102 +0.90
    5. McLaren – 1’10.476 +1.27
    6. Force India – 1’10.712 +1.51
    7. Haas – 1’11.188 +1.99
    8. Renault – 1’11.670 +2.47
    9. Sauber – 1’12.057 +2.86
    10. Toro Rosso – 1’14.034 +4.83

  3. Has that hook-shaped resurfaced patch at Junção been commented upon in FP1?
    It seems to be a lot grippier than the asphalt around it, forcing the drivers to turn in a bit earlier than they normally would, by the looks of it.

  4. Everyone’s done a run on super-softs now, here’s how the teams compare:

    1. Mercedes – 1’09.515
    2. Red Bull – 1’09.743 +0.23
    3. Ferrari – 1’09.875 +0.36
    4. Force India – 1’10.306 +0.79
    5. Williams – 1’10.373 +0.86
    6. Renault – 1’10.396 +0.88
    7. McLaren – 1’10.902 +1.39
    8. Toro Rosso – 1’11.422 +1.91
    9. Haas – 1’11.464 +1.95
    10. Sauber – 1’11.857 +2.34

  5. Stroll’s radio from his stoppage:

    “Hartley is coming he is five seconds.”
    Stroll: “Woah, something happened with the gear.”
    Stroll: “Something happened and I lost power completely.”
    Stroll: “What do you want me to do?”
    “We are checking, Lance.”
    Stroll: “Yeah no drive at all.”
    “Yeah you can jump out of the car.”
    Stroll: “I need someone to help me because I’m rolling backwards.”
    “Yeah there will be the marshals.”
    Stroll: “OK.”
    “Before leaving the car put P0 the car.”
    Stroll: “Yes OK copy.”

  6. Sainz making a big balance change:

    Sainz: “Yeah the car has too much front end. Something weird compared to yesterday, like the front wing.”
    “Understood. For now can we come up on MG and mid please?.”
    Sainz: “Can we do through the pit lane and do another three steps down.”
    “Yep we can do that.”

    1. Nice to see the Mercedes and Ferrari cars so close to each other. SAI continues to put HUL under pressure, even if Renault isn’t as good here as they wanted to be.

  7. Vettel’s engineer warned him about Hamilton but not Perez:

    “Watch for Hamilton coming fast behind, three seconds.”
    Vettel: “Same again you need to let me know, there was also the Force India.”
    “Force India out-lap.”
    Vettel: “Yeah OK fine but still.”
    OK copy.”

  8. Oh, rain now? Will it hang around, or what? I guess Verstappen, Ricciardo will be happy with that, but Ferrari probably won’t. Looking forward to seeing Sainz and Hulk do well with that damp track too.

    1. LOL, yes, as I said below, I thought Prost was doing an okay job, but Marko clearly got his lawyers to put out as short a thing as could be said to be appeasing with that :)

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Renault insisted on an official statement too. Can’t have that line about this not being coincidence standing out there unrebuked really. But yeah Cyril is certainly not the best with relationship management

  9. Grid penalties announced so far:

    Ricciardo: 10-place grid penalty for power unit component change
    Hartley: 10-place grid penalty for power unit component change
    Gasly: 25-place grid penalty for power unit components change
    Stroll: Five-place grid penalty for gearbox change

    1. Tbh Brazil has it perfect in lots of places, with a strip of grass just outside the white line to stop people track extending, but also having asphalt the other side to make it safer.

  10. Had a hard time finding qualifying. The prime US broadcaster NBCSN is not showing it on their channel. It’s on their streaming app only and they bothered not to tell anyone. I’m glad NBC will be gone next year.

    1. And unfortunately the NBC app does not work for many including me. Signing in with legit proper credentials gives an error message 99 out of 100 times. Including just now, again. Pitiful.

  11. Another tetchy exchange between Raikkonen and Dave Greenwood:

    “So we are safe Kimi. We’re just concerned about the fact there’s nine minutes remaining in this session. We wouldn’t want to have to go out again. I would go lap mode push.”
    Raikkonen: “What do you mean?”
    “OK Kimi we box.”
    Raikkonen: “I’m boxing this lap.”
    “OK, box, box then.”

    1. Meanwhile on the other side of the garage:

      “We are safe but… watch for Bottas behind, two seconds.”
      Vettel: “Yeah got him.”
      And then Ocon.”
      Vettel: “Yeah got him as well.”
      “OK, track is clear.”

  12. How many soft tyres will Ferrari still have for tomorrow after qualifying? I suspect you will need them for the expected hot track temperatures. It does not seem too smart to use them now.

      1. Either Mercedes gave Massa a bit of a souped up engine for the weekend or both drivers have really been underdriving that car only too often this year. And I agree with you that it’s probably the latter.

          1. Well, Stroll indeed clearly didn’t get out of it what was there, 1s behind and a very scrappy lap, but yeah, I do think Massa/Williams could have done better at several tracks this year.

        1. Williams have seemed to design their car to suit certain tracks. That then gives tham chances to be really strong. But other tracs, they seem much weaker and that was the same when Bottas was there. So I don’t think it is related to the drivers. I don’t think Massa has really been under performing this year. IMO, Massa has been rather under rated this season. He’s missed out on so many points down to bad luck.

  13. Haha can we disqualify both Ferrari’s for not making it back to parc ferme and have Hamilton, vettel and Kimi start from the back :)

  14. well, that turned out to be more exciting than we had expected yesterday! And tomorrow could be really good too with Hamilton and Ricciardo fighting their way up from the back, Ferrari trying to pincer Bottas and Alonso close to the action.

  15. Okay, see you all tomorrow for a – hopefully – interesting race between Bottas and Vettel at the front, and Hamilton, Ricciardo trying to get as high up as they can. … as BasCB says. Bye!

  16. Hello everyone and welcome to F1 Fanatic Live for the penultimate race of 2017 (and the last one on a proper track).

    We’ve got an intriguing grid with Bottas vs the Ferraris at the front, the new champion at the back and lots of unresolved business in the midfield. Enjoy the Brazilian Grand Prix!

  17. Brundle not really great at the gridwalk today, it seems. Interesting him trying to get an answer from Bernie, who seemingly was briefed by his lawyer on what he shouldn’t say!

  18. Ocon’s radio:

    “If you can drive back it would be very slowly back.”
    Ocon: “I’m not sure I can. Should I try?”
    “Yes. I can’t tell what the car’s like from here. OK park it, find a safe place, turn the engine off.

    1. yeah, that is a bit of a return to the times you’d always see someone penalized for any incident. To me, Grosjean didn’t really do anything wrong, just both he and Ocon were struggling with the car wanting to drift out in that corner

  19. Alonso radio from before Perez’s pit stop:

    “We are P9. There are two cars in front yet to stop. That’s Ricciardo and Perez. You are much quicker than Perez. Both should come out behind you. How you are driving the tyres should be good to the end.”
    Alonso: “Yeah I would like to catch Massa to have the DRS.”

  20. Alonso is back into Massa’s DRS range. He can’t pass him, but if he can run every one of the 15 laps within 1 second of Massa, Perez might struggle to pass Alonso… Would be quite a feat.

  21. I hate to say it but since they resurfaced Interlagos and changed the kerbs, the dry-weather races just don’t seem to have been as lively. Maybe it’s just because it’s coincided with the Mercedes dominance but it just feels like its lost its edge since they smoothed it out. I don’t know, maybe that’s just confirmation bias on my part.

    1. I think Massa and Vettel did a very good job too – Vettel got it at the start and wasn’t in danger after, Massa did a great job the whole weekend, topping it off with a very good race, as he so often does in Brazil.

  22. I’d say Hamilton has a shot at man of the race. But he blew qualifying. Let’s give it to Massa for holding on there. Alonso a very much deserved mention. And Perez a great qualifying and good race too.

      1. I’d give it to Massa, probably DotW too, I think, maybe perez closely behind. And Vettel did all he needed to by winning the start and keeping distance in the race.

      2. dont forget about stroll roller not giving up despite blues for so long and even closing the corners and blocking overtakes by ham! cost him about 2 sec, he had to overdrive that much to close the gap could have a better chance without that silly drive by stroller… his lockup sealed the position at the end…

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