RaceFans Live: 2018 Singapore Grand Prix

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303 comments on “RaceFans Live: 2018 Singapore Grand Prix”

  1. Palmer making a lot of sense on FP3 commentary for my #F1 app there, both with his feelings about the Russel vs Ocon to Williams and that yellow line/kerbs/wall and Whiting not being for zero-tolerance (so, what’s that yellow line then; and why not next to kerbstone so drivers feel kerbs, know they are about to cross off track)

    1. the whole top 10 will start the race on hypers, the ultra’s were well over a second slower, so too slow even for the Ferrari’s to get to Q3 with (they tried) – Mercedes used ultra’s in Q1 to save hypers, Hamilton only was 14th there, but it worked.

    1. We saw other analysis saying (AMuS?) that too, I’d take that as ‘he/his car won .15 on lewis in the corners’ it is not said that was only Max doing only. Clearly the Red Bull has been great at this sort of tracks for years. Not wanting to take away from him doing a super job yesterday, but from what I saw, he wasn’t flawless (but he needed to fight for it perhaps?), while Hamilton was more or less faultless in his car – a different sort of great lap, but neither a lesser effort to me.

  2. It’s hard to follow each other, and causes extra tire deg. Drivers want to try to follow more closely and pressure the car in front, but engineers keep reminding them to save the tires. Hope the people pro high deg tires are enjoying the race.

  3. Can we please get them some proper tyres, These pirelli high Deg tyres are utter nonsense!

    Let them push harder and lean on them a bit more because this is utter crap as highdeg tyres always have been and always will be!!!

        1. Yeah. Still, I think it’s made it an interesting year, if not individual races, as what works for Merc doesn’t work for Ferrari and vice versa.

          Seems like Merc are getting a better grip if their car at this point of the season, much the same as last year.

  4. We need to change the rules. The stewards should have to consider whether a tight battle between 2 cars at the back should briefly take precedence over the leaders lapping them (if those leaders are not also in a wheel to wheel battle). Free Romain Grosjean!

          1. Mashiat, you forget that Sirotkin had done the same number of pitstops as those he was holding behind. If he’d had a safety car, he had the chance to hold that position till the end of the race, as it’s tough to overtake here.

      1. You could argue he only got close to Bottas due to him getting himself stuck behind Hulk, but still, he at least got the opportunity to try, and didn’t make a mistake, kept the pressure up on Bottas. Agree it was mainly Ferrari just not really being there as a team, thus hampering their drivers from early on.

  5. Had to quit watching the race once a penalty was given to HASS for blue flag infraction. HASS was in a battle for position and was expected to just give up all that work to let the leaders by. Sorry to say that is part of racing. That is what makes it exciting. It will bunch up the field, but that’s the beauty of it all. It gives the television fans something to watch. I can’t stand a driver who cries like a Lil bit.. because he is scared that he can’t win without the help of the stewards. HASS isn’t getting a fair shake in FL and I wouldn’t blame them for not coming back for next seson. It is hard enough to watch a non competition. But when the stewards are making it impossible for any type of overtaking they are going to lose fans. I’m sorry to say that there are more exciting forms of racing for people to spend their valuable time watching.