F1 Fanatic Live: GP3

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328 comments on “F1 Fanatic Live: GP3”

          1. yeah nit’s always funny to listen to people speaking german when it’s not their first language. i once talked to an merican and had to ask him to speak english because i was laughing so much when he spoke german.

  1. great to see boschung doing so well, he’s not been very sucessful in other series and even karting but it’s nice to see him adapting to the car well and beating his more experienced team mates constantly. hope he does better from pole tomorrow than in austria.

      1. and don’t forget that performance-wise the jenzer cars are not up there with carlin, art and koiranen (which always amazed me, considering they’re equal cars. then again same thing in gp2, the dams cars are always quicker than the lazarus cars).

  2. i’ll be paying close attention to the gp3 twitter feed tonight. curious to see what the stewards decide, regarding ocon (and ghiotto, who also jumped the restart) and eriksson. and any other penalties. today was a bit of playschool, as will buxton would say.

          1. True, Will did a great job once again. And GP3 isn’t the highlight of my afternoon, sadly. But F1 quali and GP2 were good enough to make me not too sad about it.