RaceFans Live: World Endurance Championship

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183 comments on “RaceFans Live: World Endurance Championship”

    1. Quest has it on British TV from now until 6 am and from 10 am until race end… …but only on actual TVs (Freeview Channel 12). For legal reasons, you can’t use its internet channel for it.

    1. I’m in the UK and watching on the Eurosport app, alternatively you can subscribe to the WEC app (not sure how much it costs) and get live streaming and timing there. I am not aware of any TV stations broadcasting live footage.

  1. Hmm, well fingers crossed, On the West Coast it’s listed at 9.39 am on the ‘Velocity Channel’.
    …which is working!… a while back I checked, (even though I’m paying for a billion channels..funny how that works!) it was a ‘pay channel’.

  2. Frustrating that i cant watch the full race live here in US. Only bits and pieces on a channel nobody ever has heard of. Nothing on their website either. And one the WEC site their pass does not work over here apparently.

  3. One hour in the Alonso/Buemi/Nakajima leads overall ahead of the sister car of Kobayashi/Conway/Lopez, 15 seconds between them. The Sarrazin/Orudzhev/Isaakyan SMP car leads the competition but already over a minute behind. Vergne/Rusinov/Pizzitola lead LMP2 for G-Drive and the pink number 92 Porsche of Estre/Christensen/Vanthoor is leading GTE-Pro. Very light rain falling in the pits.

    1. How could you forget?! Toyota running trouble free so far, swapping positions up front. A couple of the other LMP1s collided at the first corner. Button’s car spent about 2 hours in the pits. Manors having a bad time. ByKolles car had biggest accident of the day. GTE-Pro is where all the action is at. Think that’s the main points covered….

    2. Hello, Damon!

      This race has been fairly quiet so far. The #4 ByKolles surprised us by going nearly 5 hours before breaking down. It still managed to be the first retirement of the race.

      The #98 Aston Martin and #86 Porsche have both had heavy crashes. The #98 got back to the pits, though.

      Button’s car, the #11 SMP, has had major engine problems and lost over 40 laps, but is also still running. Maldonado has kept it clean all race so far. Unlike Montoya who… …crashed at Indianapolis.

      The Alonso hype train is still on the tracks as his car is leading.

      1. The difficulty is at what point prestige super car brands such as Corvette, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Ford GT view being beaten by more plebeian vehicles as a detriment to their branding objectives.


    “This confirms that Conway had a faster car and could’ve passed Alonso had an agreement not been in place. While it’s understandable that Toyota simply wanted to play things safe and secure a one-two finish, it surely smells like a fabricated victory for Fernando Alonso.”

    1. What the article says: the prearranged agreement was not to fight after the last pit stop, it was not in favor of any particular car. The conclusion is totally unwarranted. What you speak against Alonso says a lot more about yourself than about Alonso.

  5. Dont follow WEC all the time, but I heard from the commentary guys that the Corvettes wont be the best sounding track soon. Anyone know why? Shame, those beasts blow your ears out seeing them live.

      1. OK. No clue as to what the guys were eluding too. All they said was “it’s a shame the Corvettes wont sound like this soon”. They didn’t say anything more than that. But a mid engined Corvette? Urgh lol.

    1. alonso had a great stint, gained around a minute on the number 7 i believe after being around 2min down….

      nakajima in the car now about 7 seconds behind kobayashi. naka has been reporting brake issues though

  6. 5 hours to the finish, Toyota still looking good, its Alonso vs Lopez again, 1:13 ALO ahead and lapping somewhat faster now. The Rebellions are 11 laps behind. JEV in the G-Drive and Christensen in the Porsche Ping Pig leading their categories.

  7. The Eurosport commentators tell the same anecdote every year about the one time the Corvettes had such an advantage that they spent the closing stages of the race in the pits, angering the crowd. I’ve still got no idea when this happened… anyone know?

      1. Wow – they’re now saying it’s because of fuel. He was about to run out so they told him to go slow! I’m glad the #8 was already in front – can you imagine the conspiracy stories!? :D

        1. Yeah, I can imagine what they’ll be like. But you know what? Screw those people. Their superpower is confirmation bias, they’re going to flood the comment sections with their bile no matter what has or hasn’t happened.

        1. To my understanding, he was penalised for exceeding the maximum amount of fuel per lap. In other words, that’s rather unlikely to have happened during a lap he spent a significant part of crawling around at 80 kph to save fuel.

          1. @bosyber
            There is indeed a maximum amount of fuel per stint, i.e. a maximum amount of fuel that can be put into a car during a pit stop, but the penalty announcement for car #7 (as well as another competitor shortly after that) explicitly mentioned ‘fuel per lap’.

  8. I’m not sure why Eurosport keeps talking about the “Epic Battle” in GTE Pro. Sure, it was a good race but didn’t the 911s run first and second for the bulk of the 24 hours?
    The bigger issue is that under BOP it always feels like these outcomes are somewhat engineered, as I guess by definition they are, whether or not on purpose or not.

  9. Following it in a part-time way (necessitated due to family obligations) has been a frustrating experience this year. My favourites have had struggles and the limited information I’ve been able to get about them has been from specific Twitter searches. Ah, the perils of supporting GTE crews.

    Safety car for #17 SMP’s crash is about to be recalled.

  10. The #71 AF Corse (the one with Sam Bird and James Calado in it) has retired with engine trouble. Not the biggest surprise ever as it had been in trouble for quite some time, but still sad.

  11. Order after 10h 53m:

    Overall leader: #8 Toyota (currently driven by Buemi), closely followed by #7 Toyota (Conway)
    LMP2: #26 G-Drive (Rusinov P6), exiting the pit lane but clear of #36 Signatech (Thiriet)
    GTE-Pro: #92 Porsche (Vanthoor P25), 6.9 seconds ahead of the #51 AF Corse (Serra)
    GTE-Am: #85 Keating (Fraga P39), 1m 29 seconds ahead of #77 Dempsey (Andlauer)

  12. Safety car out. If this is for the #49 ARC limping back from 20th in LMP2 class, that will be a shame. And if it’s not, it will be a surprise given we’ve had a slow zone for a few minutes.