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    Alex White

    Best Moments –
    Canadian GP – after the restart. Possibly the best 20 laps of excitement in F1

    Alonso / Webber, Eu Rouge at Spa.. That was intense.

    Pirellis tyres – Brought a shedload more to the races, made them much more interesting strategy wise. :)

    Mark Webber finally winning a GP in Brazil – was nice to see.

    DRS… Yeah, some people might want to punch me in the FACE, but apart from the tracks where it was too easy, I think it was excellent :)

    Worst Moments –

    Red Flag at Monaco – the 8 lap run to the end was pointless and ruined a good race, because everyone changed tyres.

    Vettel constantly winning… The racing behind him was good though.

    Constantly having to watch the ‘Lewis Hamilton doesn’t have a bubble’ show on BBC. Yeah, He had a bad year.. but we don’t need 7 hours of talking about him in 1 weekend.

    BBC bending over for sky.

    Alex White

    1) Do you spend some money on F1 or get along with what is available for free (websites, free-to-air TV coverage)?

    Well, as there is 5 Job going Adults in the house, we all chip in for phone bills / rent / tv stuff, so 30 a year from me for TV.. We will not get sky.

    2) What kind of F1 related items do you usually buy and how often? Race tickets, magazines, books, model cars, teamwear, DVDs,…?

    End of season DVD, ALWAYS! and the F1 Yearbook. (99 – 10, all collected) And sometimes the occasional t-shirt, model. but not bought one in ages.

    3) Do you save money by refusing from something just to be able to spend it on F1 related stuff? I mean, do you buy less clothes, avoid eating out or do whatever else just because so there is more left for F1?

    I did put money aside for F12010 game. .. 30 (I don’t buy games at 40, unless its called Gran Turismo)

    4) Approximately how big part of your “entertainment budget” is spent on F1? One tenth, one third, one half?

    Not much.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)