• Becki Ogbourne posted an update 9 years, 7 months ago

    For the die hard Hami lovers. I do not take his credit away of being a good racer; although not the best as he has said. Now Hami was already pissed because of Kimi passing him; the Maldo is going to do the same. Hami just couldn’t lose out to a Williams driver so Hami pushed Maldo off the track. Now where was Maldo to go except for back on the track. I see it as it is. Hami’s fault for being a an ass. My qualm with Hami is…he claims he is the best but has only won 1 championship (ONLY because of the leader having a misfortune). So he did NOT win championship on his own, also he is a whinyass crybaby, and when it comes to giving out penalties; seldom will Hami get one. Stewards have their favs. Not fair, not right. Hami should have gotten a penalty for ignoring yellow flag, but as usual he did not. Senna received penalty when there was NO way he was at fault. So stewards can turn a blind eye when some of the drivers. Not trashing Hami just stating facts. If stewards made a bad call on Hami (even tho not my racer) I would defend him.