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    As far as identically-named drivers go, Jacques Villeneuve’s uncle Jacques Villeneuve (Snr) posted three DNQs in 1981 and 1983. Although spelled the same, I think they pronounced their first names slightly differently – perhaps a Canadian can advise?

    Jacques Jr’s spent so much of his life in Europe that his accent is pretty much French, whereas Jacques Sr. has a really thick Quebec accent. I haven’t heard them saying their names but I imagine Jacques Sr. pronounces it more like “Jowk” than “Jack” for that reason.


    It was easy to miss with the Chilton/Bianchi crash going on at the same time, but Räikkönen made a pretty great move on the outside of Button at turn 4.


    Pretty sure that “personality” isn’t quite being interpreted right by some here. It can also be used to just mean “person”, as in “sports personality”.


    Jack Brabham’s son David started 24 GPs. Gary Brabham also entered in (but did not qualify for) two GPs.

    Also: Markus, Manfred (father) and Joachim (uncle) Winkelhock



    1. Senna
    2. Fangio
    3. Clark
    4. Schumacher
    5. Prost


    1. Räikkönen
    2. Gilles Villeneuve
    3. Kubica
    4. Vettel
    5. Hülkenberg


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    Monaco 2012 had very little going on.


    @freelittlebirds That’s 8.6 seconds to travel 300 metres, not 8.6 seconds to hit 300 km/h.




    Helmut Marko has not caused most of Red Bull’s controversy. I have absolutely no idea where you’re getting that from.


    I like having variety by having races on various continents spread throughout the season. We don’t want it to get too formulaic.


    In China, he should wear the same helmet he wore in Silverstone 2011.
    Nice thank you to his team, and big fat flipping bird to Webber.

    Brilliant XD


    Massa being mentioned after Alonso is clearly a sign that Keith hates short people.


    Come on, that has to be a troll. No way it’s serious…


    @kingshark Now he just has to do it for several laps with no wing at all in heavy rain :P

    I vote Vettel on Webber. It was daring, and both drivers fought hard. Otherwise, Massa on Pérez was great, and Hülk had one or two good ones as well (on Pérez, I think).

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 735 total)