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    I started watching Formula 1 in 2007 so here is mine. I do own F1 Season reviews till 1980 but I doubt these should really count.

    2007: Lewis Hamilton
    2008: Robert Kubica
    2009: Jenson Button
    2010: Sebastian Vettel
    2011: Sebastian Vettel
    2012: Fernando Alonso
    2013: Nico Hulkenberg
    2014: Daniel Ricciardo
    2015: Lewis Hamilton
    2016: Daniel Ricciardo


    Well done to all of you for excellent circuits. The winner this round is @rubaru whose circuit I think best keeps the best of the original circuit whilst adding some exciting corners and overtaking spots.


    G’day everyone, yeah sorry I should have explained this a bit better. The only part of the original circuit which must remain is the pit straight. The direction of the pit straight can change though. So from the last corner to the Senna chicane.Hope this explains it better.


    Great thanks @VMaxMuffin. I’m sure your all as excited about the Australian Grand Prix this weekend as I am, with this in mind we will have an Australian Grand Prix challenge. I’m too young to remember Formula 1 at Adelaide, but the V8 Supercars are fantastic there, and older fans seem to love Adelaide and I know there was an out roar when it moved to Melbourne. With some clever lobbying, Adelaide wins back the Australian Grand Prix from 2017. Adelaide still has the pits and main straight, but the original Grand Prix circuit is to short for the modern calender. Your challenge this round is therefore to extend the Adelaide circuit to meet modern Formula 1 standards.

    – Extend the Adelaide Grand Prix circuit, using public roads to between 4.5km-6.5km
    – The pit straight must remain unchanged, but direction may be reversed
    – Winner announced Tuesday morning AEDT, Midnight Monday night in Europe



    Luxembourg Circuit

    – 4.1km anticlockwise circuit
    – Very fast circuit with a very long straight and fast sweeping corners
    – Excellent overtaking opportunity at end of main straight and near 3km mark.
    – A couple of suitable pitlane locations on adjacent farm, or park lands
    – Showpiece corner is the massively fast downhill left hander final turn on the long main straight.


    This is the reasoning


    This was really hard to decide a winner, you’ve all designed fantastic circuits and done combined these circuits with excellent backdrops and locations. Honourable mention to @Mathers circuit which made for a thrilling, undulating circuit around Stirling Park. This rounds winner is @VMaxMuffin who made a neat, circuit which passed and will have as a back drop almost all of Canberra’s famous landmarks. So congratulations @VMaxMuffin, its now your turn.


    Sorry guys been away. Thanks for awarding me the win @sam3110.

    For this round your objective is to design a V8 Supercars circuit for Canberra, ACT. As the only state/territory capital without a V8 Supercar round, it is time for Canberra to once again play host to a round of the V8 Supercars. Canberra previously held a race between 1999 to 2002, however this circuit was unpopular so its your chance to design a far better circuit.

    – Design a V8 Supercar circuit in Canberra, ACT
    – Circuit must be between 2.5km-4.5km in length
    – Roads must be wide enough or be able to be widened with a suitable pitlane location
    – Pre-existing roads may only be used, with an exception for the pit straight.
    – Extra points will be awarded for circuits which feature some of Canberra’s landmarks, Old and New Parliament House, War Memorial etc.
    – Winner, depending on the number of entries will be announced on Thursday morning AEST, which I think is about midnight Wednesday night in Europe

    Good luck


    That I don’t think worked either so here is a screenshot of my circuit;


    The above link wasn’t working so just in case here is the circuit again:


    Here’s my entry for Haas Test Track.
    – 7km Clockwise circuit
    – Long 1.4km track to test aerodynamic efficiency
    – First 5km characterised by very fast corners and chicanes to test high speed cornering
    – Final 2km a much slower section with hairpins and slow chicanes to test low speed grip
    – The long pit straight would also create excellent overtaking opportunities for racing purposes
    – More than enough room for run off to ensure safety and obviously a pitlane


    My prediction:

    1. Mercedes – Will still be the team to beat, but not as dominant as the last two years
    2. Ferrari – Will take the challenge to Mercedes, but still not quite up to Mercedes’ pace
    3. Williams – Another year, another lonely third fastest car
    4. Force India – Excellent drivers and finished well last year, should build on that
    5. Red Bull – Will be an excellent chassis again, but the engine will struggle
    6. Toro Rosso – Will have the better of Red Bull most races but big points in the high downforce races will see Red Bull finish ahead of junior team
    7. Renault – Will suffer from the lack of development last year, will improve as the season goes on
    8. McLaren – An improvement from last year, though still the worst engine will see cracks appear between McLaren and Honda
    9. Manor – Will be a very close battle with Haas, but the later will have some growing pains which will see Manor get some points early season to keep them ahead
    10. Haas – See above, solid but probably below expectation year
    11. Sauber – Will drop to the back of the field, without a partnership with a big team they will struggle compared to Manor and Haas


    Here’s my entry, the London ePrix.

    – 4.1km Clockwise circuit
    – Visits many of the worlds best landmarks, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Downing Street, the London Eye, the track would be incredible on TV.
    – The amazing location is matched by quite a nice track, with some long straights creating a five excellent overtaking spots
    – A number of fast and very interesting corners.
    – A number of pitlane options, such as Waterloo or The Mall.


    The new Anderstorp Motorbana
    – 5.1km clockwise circuit
    – Uses same basic design of the previous circuit though the track length and amount of corners has increased.
    – New pitlane would be along the longest straight.
    – A variety of corners, notably the fast turn 2 chicane, and Istanbul Turn 8 style corners at turns 4 and turns 7.
    – Two prime overtaking spots, best of which at the end of the long start finish straight
    – Circuit can be shortened for national and club events


    The Andorran Grand Prix Circuit
    – 4km clockwise circuit
    – Big elevation changes
    – A very long main straight for overtaking, along with 2 other excellent overtaking spots
    – Wide sweeping hairpins

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