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    Any members going to Canadian GP that haven’t bought their tickets. Have one 3 day ticket available since my wife won’t be going with me and my son. It is one of the Economy Trio tickets, which are not available anymore. Old 22 GS, now PopularGSby hairpin across from 34 on Friday. GS 31, 2nd chicane on Saturday and 33, 1st chicane on Sunday. 22on Friday is open seating. 33 on Saturday is in Sec 3, row J, seat 2. 33 on Sunday is in Sec2, RowT, seat 25. The seats are all within the first2 or 3 seats off the aisle so you don’t have to climb over people…except me & my son, lol! They are also above the fence line if you plan on taking pics or video. Face value which is $245 US.