• For years now, I’ve watched Bottas yield to Hamilton over and over, never getting the opportunity to race as he clearly is capable of.

    Such a shame to see him out front, pulling away from the field, only to have a “poor pit stop” or more blatantly, practically come to a halt, so LH can get the win and the points.

    So, I’d love to see Bottas race…[Read more]

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    Your observation is correct – rules are there for a reason and apply to all team and drivers. The interpretation of the rules is the kicker – an impartial interpretation is key to a level playing field. Yet, as in other sports, there are biases exhibited by the Steward’s, that have been there for decades. Specifically: There is a bias…[Read more]

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  • It’s BAD ENOUGH that I have to endure David Croft’s breathless on-the-verge-of-climax fawning over Hamilton and all things British ad nauseum. Of course, Brundle’s justifying the God-like omniscience of Hamilton and his demi-God fellow Brits Norris and Russel is reporting at it’s most pathetic, spit-roast worst.

    But now we have to witness…[Read more]

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