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    The man who let me hear my 1st ever Australian anthem (which strangely made me think “wots going on here, why’s my eyes feeling funny? hmm seems hearing this tune after a F1 race for the very 1st time in over a dozen years I’ve watched F1, has brought a tear to my eye. ik its sad but true lol) has declared on his F1 RBR seat. He may not have been the best ever, but he is a great example of what one can achieve thru dedication & hard work. And I’ll never forget his 1st win, had a pit penalty 4 kissing wheels with Alonzo, I thought there’s that curse he’s under, but he was that much quicker than 2nd place Seb, that in 2 & 1/2 laps, he’d opened enough of a lead to box & resume in 1st place after @20 odd laps.