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    Hi Michael, I notice that you stayed in Lake Como near Varenna for the Italian GP this year. Did you catch the train from Varenna to Monza? Was it a fairly easy journey and how long did it take?
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    • Hi Lisa!

      Yes, took the train in & it was very easy. Try to get one that doesn’t change trains in Lecco. It also won’t make as many stops along the route. Takes about an hour. We stayed at Hotel Oliveda & it is about 200 yds to the train station & right next to the ferry dock so it is easy to get to Bellagio & Menagio. restaurant is excellent also. We loved Varenna! I registered on Trenord prior to going & bought my tickets online prior to leaving….one less thing to have to deal with. They are good for travel for up to 4 hours after your scheduled train. get the earliest going there & probably 4 or 5pm for the return & you should be fine.

      • That’s really helpful, thank you very much!

        • Hi Lisa!

          Ok….now for the not so good. Getting to Monza was easy, getting from the train station to the track is another thing. The free shuttles pick up at the train station, which is easy, but they drop you off close to 1 1/2 miles away from the Vedano gate. I opted to take the public bus, #221 from the station to the Santa Maria delle Selve gate which resulted in a much shorter walk. But, it is very difficult to cram onto the bus from the stop closest to the train station. It is already full by the time it hits that stop. Doing it again, I would go to the left & find a stop before it gets to that point. If you are at all claustrophobic, it’s not a very pleasant experience. They literally had to force the doors closed there were so many people on the bus.