• HoolyF1 posted an update 10 years, 8 months ago

    @shylo1981 My travel won’t be so pretty…..07:00 flight out of Dublin on Friday which will involve me getting up at 04:00. Flying in to Frankfurt and then train down to Heidelberg? Don’t really care about getting up early though, I’d do anything to get there. Looking forward to it. Is it your first GP?

    • @HoolyF1 yuk, couldn’t do it. Haha. Send me an SMS or call me when you’re in either Heidelberg on Friday night or at the track on Friday, will catch up for a beer… +61 403 498 682. No not my first GP, have done a few before, this is my first European GP though, should be an awesome race with how the rest of the season has been.