• HoolyF1 posted an update 10 years, 8 months ago

    @shylo1981 well I’m not sure about that. May be a surprise to you but I am only 16. Sorry to disappoint you! However I just found out last night that the legal age for drinking beer and wine in Germany is 16 and it was my birthday last week. I guess Friday the 13th was not unlucky after all! sorry again

    • @hoolyF1 haha, well yes surprised, well if you and whoever is bringing you want to catch up is fine also. I spoke to the receptionist in my hotel last night, they said easiest way to get to the track is taxi, train would take around 2 hours supposedly. Taxi is only 40 min @ 35 euro. Happy to share a cab with you guys everyday. Give me a shout when you get to the track today…